It is getting closer and closer to Christmas and a lot of us will be gearing up to host family and friends on the big day. According to a new report by Tesco 1 in 5 of us who are making Christmas dinner this year will be catering for non-meat eaters. There has been a massive boom in plant based diets in recent years and in the WWF’s recent living planet report they name eating less meat and dairy as one of the best things we can do to reduce the impact of human related climate change so it’s a welcome change in habits.

If you are looking to reduce the amount of meat you eat this year (or you know someone who is) have a read of our top tips for a sustainable christmas dinner.

1) The veggie option

In a report put out by Tesco reportedly 1 in 5 of us will be rustling up something veggie or vegan for a non-meat eater at the table. There has been a massive boom in plant based diets in recent years. Reducing the amount of meat you eat at Christmas has huge environmental benefits and there is a whole spread of delicious alternatives. A few of our favourites include this delicious veggie cottage pie and warming lentil and coconut soup.

2) Go organic

If you are eating meat, organic is the best all-round certification you can find in supermarkets for animal welfare and environmental benefits. It means farmers can’t use as many pesticides and they have to meet high standards of looking after their animals.  It can be more expensive but if you have the budget it’s a great way to eat more sustainable meat. Buying a whole turkey rather than a crown also reduces the amount of meat that gets thrown away before it gets to the shelves. Organic also applies to your veggies, have a look and see if anywhere local to you sells organic. This video has more info on organic and is a great run-down of what the different certifications on meat mean

3) Reduce plastic

The battle against single use plastic has really taken off in 2018, Christmas is generally a time when a huge amount of single use plastic is used. There a loads of ways you can cut down but one really easy way is to try and buy food unpackaged. If you are buying loose veggies in the supermarket why not bring your own cloth bags to put them in!

4) Reduce food waste

People spend all year looking forward to a good Christmas dinner and all the treats that go with it so make sure you make the most of it and it doesn’t end up in the bin. Food waste causes 8% of current global warming and it wastes a huge amount of money. Watch the Food Waste Fairy share her top 3 #FoodSavvy tips to reduce food waste this Christmas.

Did you know...most food (even cooked turkey) can be frozen to save for another day and there are some delicious leftover recipes to try such as this soup and these delicious pasties. Unsure about what can be frozen? We’ve done some research to help debunk common freezer myths! Read our 5 facts about freezing and check out our vlog about how freezing can help you save up to £250 a year.

Are you looking to have a greener Christmas day? Let us know what you get up to and follow #SavyChristmas for more top tips.