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Five lessons from #GiftABundle

We've just wrapped up our 2017 #GiftABundle campaign which resulted in 20,000 pieces of baby clothing being given to local charities. Following this we're reflecting on: working with large retailers, clothing redistribution and supporting families.


Author: Heather Poore

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Sarah takes us behind the scenes at Hubbub in our new weekly YouTube vlog. From how to cook odds and ends like a pro to how football can reduce littering. We've got it all covered. Take a look!


Author: Heather Poore

6 kitchen gadgets to help cut food waste

The average family bins £60 of edible food a month! We challenged 50 households to trial a range of kitchen gadgets in a bid to cut their food waste. Find out which products were given the thumbs up by our testers.

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    The #SquareMileChallenge is the UK’s biggest ever coffee cup recycling scheme and Hubbub’s largest collaborative campaign to date. Here are a few lessons we've learnt along the way. Read more

  • The Community Fridge, coming to a corner near you?

    If you haven’t heard of a community fridge, we’ve little doubt that you soon will. They're popping up around the globe and becoming part of the furniture in community spaces and street corners. Read more

  • We need to talk about bacon

    Discussing any type of environmental change can be like walking barefoot on broken glass. Especially if you suggest that we need to broaden diets to reduce meat consumption. Read more