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Your guide to eating less meat

Want to bulk up without bringing the planet down? Want to eat less meat and dairy, or simply go the whole (vegan) hog? Read these tips.

Recycle your batteries - #BringBackHeavyMetal

178 million old, used batteries are stashed in people’s homes that could be recycled! #BringBackHeavyMetal and recycle your batteries.




Author: Elle McAll

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Our impact

  • 52,000 items of outgrown baby clothing redistributed to families via mothercare as part of the Gift A Bundle campaign
  • 5,000,000 coffee cups collected and recycled as part of the Square Mile Challenge
  • 31 Community Fridges in the UK network, each redistributing approximately 525kg surplus food per month

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  • Top tips for switching to a reusable coffee cup

    Every day 7 million disposable coffee cups are thrown away across the UK. Switching to a re-usable cup is an easy way to cut waste with a few pointers - here's your guide too making a smooth switch. Read more

The Hubbub Blog

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  • UK’s biggest collaboration to improve recycling on the go

    The UK gets through 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and 2.5 billion coffee cups each year and so much isn't recycled. #LeedsByExample launches with 23 collaborators to improve recycling on the go. Read more