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7 ways to improve indoor air quality

We often assume that air pollution is something we encounter outdoors, however research shows air inside our homes can actually be more polluted. Here are 7 ways to improve the air in your home.


Author: Heather Poore

What can the war on plastic learn from disposable coffee cups?

Since Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s TV announcement that less than 1% of cups were recycled a considerable amount has changed. There is much that can be learned from this as the government embarks on its war on plastic.

7 sustainable superheroes for green living inspiration

To celebrate the people who inspire us to make greener choices we’ve put together an ultimate list of sustainable superheroes. A go-to list of bloggers and movie makers who offer advice on sustainable fashion, eating and living, all nominated by you!


Author: Heather Poore

Be a part of the Community Fridge Network

Community Fridges are communal places where surplus food is shared. Find your local Community Fridge and see how you can save food and money.




Author: Heather Poore

Location: Multiple locations,,

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Your guide to switching to a reusable coffee cup

Every day 7 million disposable coffee cups are thrown away across the UK. Switching to a re-usable cup is an easy way to cut waste with a few pointers - here's your guide too making a smooth switch.

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  • Hubbub launches new food waste partnership

    To celebrate Stop Food Waste Day, Hubbub is delighted to announce a new partnership with Compass Group UK & Ireland and Winnow, exploring ways to reduce ’plate waste’, the food customers throw in the bin, from corporate and university restaurants. Read more

  • The story of a start-up charity: why there are five B’s in Hubbub

    We started Hubbub four years ago, aiming to take a fresh approach to environmental campaigning by engaging a mainstream audience. We started with £25,000 and a set of clear principles, but gradually a growing number of companies expressed a desire to collaborate and together we have created a portfolio of activities which we couldn’t have dreamt of at the early outset. Read more

  • Is a deposit return scheme the way forward?

    Subject to consultation, Michael Gove has announced the introduction of a deposit return scheme (DRS) to increase recycling rates and slash the amount of waste. Are they the way forward? Read more