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Win a Plastic Fishing boat to cut litter in your waterways

We're building the third Plastic Fishing boat using plastic fished out of the river Thames, and this time we're giving it away. Will your town be the next to run Plastic Fishing trips and cut litter from our waterways?


Author: Heather Poore

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5 hidden plastics in your home

When you realise not even your morning cup of tea is safe from plastic pollution it’s time to get serious.


Author: Sarah Weigold

Our impact

  • 52,000 items of outgrown baby clothing redistributed to families via mothercare as part of the Gift A Bundle campaign
  • 5,000,000 coffee cups collected and recycled as part of the Square Mile Challenge
  • 31 Community Fridges in the UK network, each redistributing approximately 525kg surplus food per month

Tips for change

  • Top tips for a sustainable Christmas dinner

    The festive season has begun and lots of us are getting ready to host Christmas day. If you are going to be cooking (or you know someone who is) have a read of our top tips for a sustainable christmas dinner. Read more

  • 5 ways you can tackle ocean plastic

    Waves of plastic are ending up in our oceans every year, and 80% of this comes from land. Here are 5 easy ways you can help turn the tide on ocean plastic pollution today. Read more

  • 3 last minute thrifty Christmas gifts

    Save time and money this festive season by diving into the depths of your fridge and making the most of the odds and ends that you find. We've got 3 fabulous festive recipes for you to try which look and taste great as a thrifty christmas gifts. Read more

  • 5 ways to save on your Christmas food bill

    Food is a huge part of festivities, yet for many our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, meaning some 2 million turkeys and 74 million mince pies go to waste. Here are 5 ways to help save money on your food bill #SavvyChristmas. Read more

The Hubbub Blog

  • Hubbub announces national Plastic Fishing Tour

    With thanks to Starbucks and the Mirror Group, we're building and giving away our next Plastic Fishing punt, made from 99% recycled plastic. Will your town be next to host Plastic Fishing trips? Read more

  • How can Hubbub continue to innovate?

    We began with a mere £25,000 grant and we have since built a £2 million charity. As we enter our fifth year the question is how do we keep innovating? Here are the five steps we will take. Read more

  • Is fast fashion spooking the planet?

    In 2017 an estimated 39 million people in the UK dressed up for Halloween, and 4 in 10 costumes are worn only once. #SewSpooky encourages people to swap, rewear or make a DIY costume that won't spook the planet. Read more

  • Hubbub brings the #TapChat to Dorking

    Even when it’s rainy and grey outside we need to use water wisely. To raise awareness about the need to save water whatever the weather we're bringing the #TapChat to Dorking. Read more