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5 ways to care for kids' clothes

Keeping up with growing kids can be a squeeze on the purse strings. Whilst we can’t control how fast clothes are outgrown, there are a few ways we can keep them fresher for longer.


Author: Heather Poore

How to recycle clothes too worn to wear

1/3 of clothes across the UK end up in the bin, despite the fact that stained, damaged and holey clothing can be recycled into new items, such as padding for chairs and car seats, cleaning cloths and industrial blankets - find out how.


Author: Heather Poore

Join a #GiftABundle sorting session

As part of the #GiftABundle campaign we're hosting 13 sorting sessions. Join us in saving baby clothing and supporting families for Mother's Day.




Author: Stine Wilhelsen

Location: Mothercare Stores ,,

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