The Community Fridge is a simple way of enabling communities to share good food that would otherwise go to waste. 

The average UK family wastes £470 a year by throwing away food and drink which could have been consumed. At the same time 4 million people in the UK are living in food poverty. Most of the food waste in the UK (4.1 million tonnes or 61%) is avoidable and could be eaten if creative ways of sharing it are found. 

The Community Fridge has been trialled in Swadlincote as part of Waste less, Save more. The fridge is gives local residents access to a surplus food shared by local businesses. It connects the community, helps families save money and reduces waste.

There is also a freezer, a drop of point for non-perishable foods, a community noticeboard and recipes for tasty, cheap, nutritious meals. 

Are you interested in replicating the Community Fridge in your area? If so get in touch at