#InTheLoop is Hubbub's collaborative project to boost recycling on-the-go and make it easy for people to recycle drinks materials while out and about - with the ultimate goal of reducing waste by encouraging switching to reusables. By testing and refining our approach across the UK, and sharing our results openly, our ambitions is for #InTheLoop to become a recognised and effective approach to recycling on-the-go that can be replicated throughout the UK and beyond. 

The packaging problem

With busy schedules we're eating and drinking more and more whilst on the move. And many of the materials we use fail to get recycled. In fact, in 2019, eight billion drinks containers that could have been recycled were landfilled, incinerated or littered.

Less than half of local authorities have on-street infrastructure to collect and recycle these materials. This is often because the quality of what's collected on the street is so poor that the costs don't stack up to collect it; often the wrong materials end up in the bin which causes contamination, meaning the whole lot can end up going to waste.  

A new approach is needed and that’s why Hubbub launched #InTheLoop. 

Recycle to keep materials #InTheLoop 

Since 2018 we've been trialling ways to increase the amount recycled in Leeds City Centre. #LeedsByExample (get it?) tried everything from bubble-blowing bins to recycle reward machines and bright, bold communications and managed to triple recycling rates within the first year.

After this unprecedented success, we  expanded our recycling-on-the-go efforts with an ongoing campaign called #InTheLoop which takes over towns and cities (and boroughs, mind you!), nudging people to recycle correctly while out and about through clear communications and well-designed infrastructure.


Are you next? If you’d like to bring #InTheLoop to your area, email [email protected] and we’ll help you make it happen. 

The Cup Fund 

#InTheLoop established The Cup Fund in April 2019. It is the UK's largest grant fund to support ambitious projects that boost coffee cup recycling. Currently, 5,555 coffee cups are disposed of every minute in the UK - and only 4% get recycled correctly! The aim of The Cup Fund is to introducnew recycling facilities, creates new partnerships and delivers high quality behaviour change communications across the nation. The fund is supported by Starbucks pioneering 5p cup charge which is applied when a customer chooses to use a single-use coffee cup. Introduced voluntarily last year, Starbucks has donated all funds to Hubbub to support recycling and sustainability efforts. 

Learn more about #TheCupFund and download our free ‘how to’ guide for businesses. 


*Grant applications are not currently open. 
Would you like to hire to help you effectively set up coffee cup recyclingWe’ve got all the know-how, planning advice, and comms to get you going! Email [email protected]