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Covid-19 is changing Britain's relationship with food, 20th April 2020 [Read Online]

Why Wing It Launch, 19th February 2020 [Read Online]

Pollution Pavillion Launch, 14th January 2020 [Read Online]

Grab Your Cup Launch, 8th January 2020 [Read Online]


Festive Food Waste - The Blue Planet Effect, 18th December 2019 [Read Online]

Look for a little green dress this party season, 13th December 2019 [Read online]

12 million Christmas jumpers set to be bought this year and most are made of plastic, 6th December 2019 [Read online]

Leeds you've bin great!, 3rd December 2019 [Read online]

Let's fight food waste together, 26th November 2019 [Read online]

Thousands of pupils join campaign to cut single-use plastic in UK schools, 23rd October 2019 [Read online]

Announcing 'Treasure Your River' anti-litter campaign, 16th October 2019 [Read online]

The frightening reality of food waste is revealed as Brits bin 8 million pumpkins at Halloween, 9th October 2019 [Read online]

British workers expect better from bosses on air pollution, 19th September 2019 [Read online]

10,000 Londoners to get planting with #GiveItAGrow, 9th September 2019 [Read online]

Birmingham crowned winner of the UK's first 'Plastic Fishing' competition, 28th August 2019 [Read online]

Leeds residents ready to reduce waste and recycle more, 29th May [Read online]

Parents feeling trapped in pollution-choked cities, 22nd May 2019 [Read online]

Waitrose & Partners reveals winners of £1million fund to fight plastic pollution, 15th May 2019 [Read online]

New campaign encourages East Anglian workers to rethink their ‘lunch on the go’ habits to reduce food and packaging waste, 14th May 2019 [Read online]

British workers 'lunch on the go' habit generating 11 billion items of packaging waste annually, 13th May 2019 [Read online

Success of groundbreaking recycling on-the-go trial sparks expansion into Scotland and Wales, 9th May 2019 [Read online

World's First Community Fridge Network To Double In Size, 6th May 2019 [Read online]

Grant fund announced to scale paper cup recycling across the UK, 11th April 2019 [Read online]

Boat made from plastic waste set to tour UK to tackle plastic pollution in rivers and canals, [Read online]

Waitrose & Partners launches £1 million initiative to tackle UK plastic pollution, 28th January 2019 [Read online]


Change your laundry habits if you don't want to eat your clothes 'What's In My Wash', 2nd November 2018 [Read online]

Food waste horror 15 million pumpkins are carved and not eaten at Halloween, 26th October 2018 [Read online]

Hubbub launches new #TapChat campaign in Dorking, 22nd October 2018 [Read online]

UK’S biggest collaborative push to improve recycling on the go launches, 9th October 2018 [Read online]

178 million used batteries hoarded in UK homes and millions in landfill, 3rd October 2018 [Read online]

#FoodSavvy campaign launched to tackle food waste in East Anglia, 17th September 2018 [Read online]

Hubbub launches cyclist sculpture made of litter in Forest of Dean, 7th September 2018 [Read online]

Hubbub launches 'PET Project', a new Plastic Fishing punt, 30th August 2018 [Read online]

1.6 million UK households order free water-saving gadgets in heatwave, 9th August 2018 [Read online]

#WhatsInMyWash? campaign launched to tackle plastic microfibre pollution, 5th June 2018 [Read online]


£500 million a year spent on Halloween costumes but 4 in 10 are only worn once and millions end up in the bin. Launching #SewSpooky, 19th October 2019 [Read online]