Everything we do at Hubbub aims to inspire ways of living that are good for the environment as well as each of us; it's our charitable purpose. Since 2014 we've been experimenting with ways of doing this, and it's led us to designing and installing all kinds of playful creative and disruptive campaigns, as well as collaborating with some large and unique partners. Here's how Hubbub's making a difference.

Building collaborations

To act on the environment at the scale and pace needed, we believe need to work together. That's why collaboration is at the heart of what we do. So far we've collaborated with 1241 organisations, from international businesses to local authorities and community groups. We’ve created the largest collaborations in environmental sector, starting with bringing together all major coffee cup retailers to collect and recycle 5 million coffee cups in 1 year. We then introduced recycling on-the-go in Leeds which worked with 29 partners to recycle cups, cans and bottles in the city centre, and has now successfully scaled up to exist in Swansea and Edinburgh as well.

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Inspiring more sustainable ways of living

Since we started, our campaigns have reached over 3.7 billion people and actively connected with over 20 million to light a spark and encourage them to think differently about an environmental topic. We've inspired 675,803 people to take action, and we've supported 2,814 people to transform their lifestyles towards a more sustainable way of living.

How are we doing this? Here are just a few of the ways - 90 Community Fridges are in the Community Fridge Network each redistributing 32 tonnes of food that would otherwise go to waste, every month. We have five Plastic Fishing punts taking people on trips to fish plastic litter from rivers and raise awareness about how litter ends up in our rivers and oceans. Our Ballot Bins are cutting cigarette butt littering (which is plastic!) across 27 countries. And we can safely say that our legendary Pumpkin Rescue campaign to eat your pumpkin guts is becoming a consistent Halloween tradition.

Of course, there are loads more - if you're curious, use the link below to choose a campaign and read more about the difference we're making.

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Creating long-lasting change

We’ve worked with international brands to co-design and embed environmental initiatives into their business. IKEA to design ‘Live LAGOM’, the world's biggest consumer sustainable behaviour change campaign. Our Plastic Pioneers programme was launched with TKMaxx and Homesense to educate and encourage school students to act on the problems of single-use plastic and has reached over 7,000 students so far. This year our #GiveItAGrow campaign gave away 10,000 planting kits which helped support wildlife, biodiversity and mitigate climate change by increasing the growth of green spaces in London.

We’re also investing in local community groups to support them in scaling our joint initiatives, making us one of the UK’s larger investors in grassroots activities. Through the Cup Fund, we're funding 12 organisations around the UK to boost cup recycling with grants of up to £100,000 each as well support and advice. And we're enabling communities blighted by fly-tipping to transform their alleyways into places to be proud of through our Love Where You Live campaign.

Our #FoodSavvy campaign currently running in Norfolk and Suffolk helps communities to reduce food waste and save money. Working with local councils and businesses, we have connected with over 12,560 people so far. All our campaigns work on simple changes and actions that stick with communities because they are easy, fun and beneficial to themselves as well as the planet.

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