We all want to live in a place that makes us feel happy and in a neighbourhood we feel proud of. Many of us think the outside of our homes are just as important as the inside, yet urban fly-tipping continues to be a problem, with UK councils spending millions per year cleaning it up. 

In 2018, we worked with the local community in Oldham (a town in Greater Manchester) to try and understand the causes of fly-tipping and come up with solutions.

We worked with the residents of five streets to transform the fly-tipped alleys at the back of their houses into bright and friendly communal spaces. Read more about the results from these trials in this blog.

What's happened since?

Between 2019 - 2021 #LoveWhereYouLive has been transforming alleyways in Leeds, Fleetwood, Doncaster and Manchester. You can read the Leeds impact report here

The difference made 

By the end of our time in Oldham, three successful alleyway transformations had been achieved, with residents in these streets reporting a 100% decrease in fly-tipping. Two alleyways were still to be completed by our local delivery partner, with more community engagement and motivation needed to create a sustainable result.  

However, the most heart-warming learning was, although #LoveWhereYouLive started off as a fly-tipping campaign, we found the impact of these projects can ripple much further.

I feel really proud  that  we have  transformed an environment that brought us continued  frustration and despair into one that  brings us joy and hope.’​

‘I’ve  never seen half of my neighbours or at least not ever spoken to them, so  it’s  kinda  nice to  see people out together.  It makes me feel a bit safer  because I recognise people.'

‘It’s  safer for the kids  in the alley than  it is  on the street now. Now  they’ve  got their own little  playground.’ ​

Later this year we’re excited to take a trip down memory lane and are going to go back to Oldham and the communities who used our resources to see how they’re getting on. Watch this space.

Transform your alleyway

We've compiled a range of the most effective resources trialled in Oldham to help other communities organise their neighbours and transform an alley. The guide below has tips, advice and DIY instructions for people who want to give it a go. 


To support the guide we've put together a pack of resources such as flyers, invitations, signs, to help you get your project off the ground. To request a pack please get in touch.

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