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How have your habits changed during lockdown? These last few months, we’ve been sharing tips to help you #LiveSavvy in and around the home, finding new ways to save money, make the most of what we have so we don't need to buy as much, and do more things that are good for both us and the environment. From saving money on household bills and up-cycling your own face mask, to growing indoors and cooking up a storm with our leftovers, there's something for everyone. And if you want all the tips and inspiration straight to your inbox, sign up to our newsletter here. 
Ready to #LiveSavvy? Jump right in.

Things to tune into

You can watch one of the 'Hubbub Investigates' videos on our YouTube, read our musings about the world on the Hubbub blog, or join in with our latest campaign.

  • Listen

    ‘What On Earth?’ The sustainability podcast looks at the past, present and future of different environmental issues, breaking them down and sharing easy helpful things we can do. Treat your ears with the latest episode, all about the way we eat! What on earth has that got to do with the environment? 

  • Make

    Got some spare fabric? An old t-shirt or cloth? Pair it with 2 hairbands and make a simple reusable face mask in minutes - It even has space for a replaceable filter! With an estimated 129 billion masks being used world wide every single month, reusable can really make a difference. 

  • Read

    These 7 innovative ideas will change the way you think - and they might just change the world. Design By Nature is an initiative that challenges student designers to tackle environmental issues with creative, positive, insight-led design. Discover some of the commended ideas, and the brilliant. brains behind them. 

Things to try yourself

Want tips, recipes and inspiration for things you can do right now? We've got you covered. Here are some ideas to dive into.

  • Win at saving water 

     Save some money on your water bill, and some valuable drops of water too! Check out these 10 easy tips to get started, from what to do while the showers warming up, to getting water saving freebies from your water supplier. 

  • Save on bills 

    Tips and tricks to save on water, gas and electricity? Yes please! We've got easy things you can do right now, hacks to try over the week, and longer term changes to help balance your bills as well. 

  • Swap, rent and sell

    Sometimes there's nothing wrong with an item, we just don't want or need it anymore. And often when we have a clear out, it can seem the shelves fill themselves back up! Before you think about throwing away something old or buying something new, check out these tips to tap into the second hand economy. 
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