Live savvy

Spring is finally here. The days are starting to get warmer and sunnier, but with lots of us spending more time indoors, we’ve pulled together ways to make the most of time at home. From making your food go further and growing at home, to getting creative with fashion and balancing your bills, over the next few months we’ll be bringing you plenty of new and different ways to Live Savvy. They’re good for the environment too! Want all the tips and inspiration straight to your inbox? Sign up for our newsletter.

Ready to start Living Savvy? Jump right in.

Things to try today

Here are some quick and easy ways you can get started

    Get to grips with recycling, check all the labels and give stuff a rinse. Putting the wrong thing in the recycling can contaminate & cause the whole collection to be unrecyclable, here’s a handy breakdown of how to do it right, and if in doubt leave it out.  

    Check food labels - know the difference between use by and best before, and remember to cook or freeze what you can. Meal planning is great to make food go further. Check out these healthy recipes to freeze.

    Check in with your wardrobe - 80% of 16-24 have lost track of what’s in theirs! That’s a lot of clothes being forgotten about… Look through and show a forgotten item some love or pass on those you don’t need. Find our top tips for decluttering your wardrobe here. 

Things to stay tuned with this week

You've tried and tested our tips - want to dig a bit deeper into what you can do for you and the environment? Have a browse of our YouTube, podcast or blog and learn something new.

    ‘What On Earth?’ The sustainability podcast looks at the past, present and future of different environmental issues, breaking them down and sharing helpful things we can do. So, what on earth does milk have to do with sustainability? 
  • READ

    With more of us working from home at the moment, we've pulled together some tips on creating a good working environment, keeping connected and keeping creativity, positivity and motivation up.  

    Dive into the #HubbubInvestigates YouTube channel to get behind the headlines of the environmental issues everyone seems to be talking about. Here's one we made earlier on how to make the most of our food, by eating "less meat but better".

Things to try this month

Want more than tips and tricks? How about a new project to get stuck into over the next few weeks and can share with your friends and family (even virtually!). Here’s some ideas.
  • GROW

    Grow an indoor garden. Green spaces are great for our mental health and it can be really satisfying seeing something grow from a seed into a lush plant or even something edible. Did you know you can grow salad and herbs all year round? You don’t need much space, and you don’t need to buy lots of things. Get started here.

  • MAKE

    Make your home more energy efficient - It's always been at the back of your mind, could you be saving on your tariff? Switching to renewable energy could save you money on your gas and electricity bills, and Big Clean Switch help compare cleaner greener energy suppliers. Whilst you're at it, check out these other ways to save on your heating bill.

    Yourself to a good old spring clean. Rummage through all your things (reminisce over random objects you find) and then de-clutter. Pick one room or cupboard at a time and you might be surprised with what you find, and what you realise you don’t need. Follow the 8 steps to de-clutter. 

Competition time

  • Whether it’s coffee, cake or a 3 course meal, these items are great for storing our leftovers and a keeping your drink hot or cold wherever you are. Try using only reusable wraps and boxes for the next month, see you later cling film!  

    What’s the prize?  2 Sho water bottles, 4 Lock&Lock food containers made from recycled plastic, 2 Beeutiful Wrap reusable food wraps (along with wax kits to refresh them) 2 reusable  Ecoffee coffee cups, and a pair of shiny metal straws. One for you and one for a friend! 

    How do you enter? The competition opens on 26th March. All you have to do is tag a friend on one of the competition posts on either Instagram OR Facebook, and sign up to the Hubbub Newsletter below. Then you’ll be automatically entered.  

    Read the Terms & Conditions here for more info.  

    P.S If you win and you’ve already got some of these, please share the love and pass them on to another friend who doesn’t know how great reusables are yet!