Live savvy

It's been amazing to see how people have adapted under the lockdown, from learning new ways to stay connected and social to home schooling and home working for many. We’re sharing ways to #LiveSavvy, to help make the extra time spent at home a little easier, cheaper, and savvier for you. From tips to save money on household bills and get growing indoors, to plenty of savvy recipes and ways to use up simple store cupboard ingredients - we have something for everyone. Be the first to about know new podcast episodes, Hubbub hacks, tips and inspiration. Sign up to our friends newsletter.

Ready to #LiveSavvy? Jump right in. 

Things to tune into

You can watch one of the 'Hubbub Investigates' videos on our YouTube, read our musings about the world on the Hubbub blog, or join in with our latest campaign.
  • Gift

    Do you have a spare phone? We've partnered with O2 to launch #CommunityCalling and help redistribute used smartphones to those who are vulnerable and isolated during the lockdown. This will allow them to reconnect with loved ones and access important health and education services. Find out how to get involved below. 
  • Read

    It can be easy to think we need something new or dip into some online shopping as a treat, but you can scratch that shopping itch with the clothes you already own! Spend some time rediscovering what's in your wardrobe, reorganising, restyling (and if needed, repairing). You might find a forgotten loved item, and you'll save some cash too. 
  • Watch

    Dive into the #HubbubInvestigates YouTube channel to get behind the headlines of the environmental issues, meet Hubbubers, experts, and learn something new. Here's one we made earlier, on using up all your odds and ends when you're cooking. Let us know what you think!

Things to try yourself

Want tips, recipes and inspiration for things you can do right now? We've got you covered. Here are some ideas to dive into.
  • Grow and connect

    Being around nature is proven to improve our mood, so planting something new next to your bed or on your windowsill could be the perfect little boost. Nature can also be used as a way to connect with others, even during lockdown. Here are some ideas for getting growing and sharing the joy with others. 


  • Save on bills

    USwitch estimates households staying home across the UK could spend an additional £52 million per week on bills - that's quite a bump up! Here are easy things you can do to help lock your bills down during lockdown, from small changes to your daily chores to longer-term decisions you can think about for your house. 

  • Lockdown Lunches

    Have you been cooking more since the lockdown? Here are 10 quick and easy lunch ideas to try in the kitchen, with a range of ingredients, and hopefully there's something new for you to try. If you don't have an ingredient listed, just mix and match or sub something else in!

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Competition time

  • Whether it’s coffee, cake or a 3 course meal, these items are great for storing our leftovers and a keeping your drink hot or cold wherever you are. Try using only reusable wraps and boxes for the next month, see you later cling film!  

    What’s the prize?  2 Sho water bottles, 4 Lock&Lock food containers made from recycled plastic, 2 Beeutiful Wrap reusable food wraps (along with wax kits to refresh them) 2 reusable  Ecoffee coffee cups, and a pair of shiny metal straws. One for you and one for a friend! 

    How do you enter?
     All you have to do is tag a friend on one of the competition posts on either Instagram OR Facebook, and sign up to the Hubbub Newsletter below. Then you’ll be automatically entered.  

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    P.S If you win and you’ve already got some of these, please share the love and pass them on to another friend who doesn’t know how great reusables are yet!