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With things still changing this new year, we hope you're doing okay. There's plenty of ways we can stay active, creative and occupied during tighter restrictions, and perhaps you're up for trying something new? It doesn't have to be a resolution, or even something big, it could be as simple as a new recipe to use the leftover veg in your fridge. Whether you're looking for a new hobby like making your own facemasks, new ways to do things that are better for the environment, or new ways to save money on bills around the house, we've got you covered. #YouGotThis #LiveSavvy
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Ready to try something new? Jump right in.

Things to tune into

You can watch one of the 'Hubbub Investigates' videos on our YouTube, read our musings about the world on the Hubbub blog, or join in with our latest campaign.

  • Make

    Want to try dairy-free? Making your own oat milk is cheap, easy and oh so yummy. Check out our two-ingredient recipe, as well as how to upgrade it with a chocolate syrup, cinammon and more. 

  • Read

    If you could redesign anything in the world, what would it be? At Hubbub we love to think big, creative and positive, and this blog shares 10 things we would love to redesign to make the world more connected to nature. Click below to find out what our ideas were!
  • Watch

    Dive into the #HubbubInvestigates YouTube channel to find videos on our past campaigns, videos that answer environmental questions and get behind the headlines everyone seems to be talking about, and fun tutorials - like this one on how to transform stale bread into a fancy breakfast!

Things to try yourself

Want tips, recipes and inspiration for things you can do right now? We've got you covered. Here are some ideas to dive into.

  • Protect pipes from freezing

     When temperatures are icy, water pipes are at risk of freezing, or even bursting as water expands when it freezes. Huge hassle, and a huge cost to fix. These easy tips will prepare your pipes to stay safe in colder months.

  • DIY cleaning products 

    Do you want to cut down on plastic? Save moneyKnow exactly what's in your cleaning products? These DIY natural cleaning methods are your answer. There are lots of common ingredients in our kitchens that have a secret super power - to clean! Check them out below. 

  • Tackle old tech

    Got tangled chargers and old electronics? It can seem more confusing than your usual paper and plastic but electronics can have really valuable materials in them to recycle, and e-waste is a fast growing problem. These 5 easy tips will help you figure out the best way to pass old tech on, and keep it out of landfill. 
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Tried one of our ideas? Got some of your own? We'd love to see and hear from you! Get in touch at [email protected] or tag us in your photos @hellohubbub