Exploring how people can live more sustainably at home, supported by IKEA

Live LAGOM started as a three-year collaboration with IKEA to explore the how the power of community alongside tailored support can inspire people to live more sustainably at home. It was created in collaboration with IKEA and the University of Surrey and following three years of experimentation, has now become part of everyday business at IKEA. Today it continues to have a big impact on the lives of Lagomers who have took part.

What is LAGOM, we hear you ask. 'Living Lagom' is a philosophy for living well: it is all about not denying what you love, while not taking more than you need. We found that through the power of community, living lagom can be easy, affordable and fun.

Creating Live LAGOM

  1. We listened. We carried out extensive research including home visits to identify where most support could be given. This helped us to give specific advice to each Lagomer.
  2. Created tailored advice. Interviewing the Lagomers allowed us to tailor the IKEA products to the lifestyles of each person. In June 2017 we ran 400 workshops, with over 1280 people, around the themes of fermenting, grow your own food, and making your home more energy efficient and cosy with textiles. We also trained co-workers from each store to be Live LAGOM Leaders and support their local Lagomers to identify goals, learn new skills and stay engaged.
  3. Offered ongoing support. As well as support provided in person through coworkers, the online community provides consistent support, advice, ideas and inspiration for Live Lagomers. IKEA has opened the Facebook group with the aim of growing the LAGOM community and inspiring thousands more people with the ideas, life hacks, and top tips. Want to take part? You can join the Facebook group here today.

The difference made

‘Lagomers’ who took part in the trial have reported saving hundreds on bills, feeling happier and more in control of their lives. The participants– many of whom joined just for the free IKEA stuff- have since been sharing their tips and encouraging friends, family and community groups to get involved, together creating a ripple effect reaching thousands of people.

The 1,500 Lagomers that took part demonstrated a marked behaviour change towards consuming less. A few of the behaviours included: switching to LEDs, reducing tumble drying, washing at lower temperatures, cutting food waste through better planning and learning new skills such as fermenting, sewing, upcycling, growing.

Questionnaire responses from the first 2 years of the project show that:

  • 100% say they intend to continue living a LAGOM lifestyle
  • 93% say the project helped them overcome barriers to living a more LAGOM lifestyle
  • Before the project 25% thought it affordable to buy sustainable products, and 62% thought so after, demonstrating a marked shift in perceptions on the affordability of sustainable living.
  • 98% of attendees said they would change something about their lifestyle after taking part in the workshops
  • 90% saved on electricity bills
  • 83% saved on food costs
  • 60% saved on gas bills
  • The #LiveLAGOM has reached over 26 million unique users.

A participant from Reading said:

“We’ve had an amazing experience, and are so grateful to IKEA for the products that have helped, but even more so for the knowledge we’ve gained, and the feeling of being part of a community of people trying to live more sustainably. Everyone live LAGOM!”

IKEA co-workers benefitted too

Live LAGOM has created excellent case studies, videos and market insight, positioning IKEA as a thought leader on sustainable living.

  • 85% agreed that Live LAGOM was a professional development opportunity
  • 50% of Live LAGOM leaders got promotions or new jobs internally thanks to the new skills, confidence, and knowledge gained on the project.
  • It is has had a lasting legacy and is now be used as a development vehicle for many more co-workers.

Three ways you can get involved

Live LAGOM is open to everyone. Here are 3 ways you can get involved today.

  1. Join the Live LAGOM facebook group and get chatting! This group is a lively, active, fun and supportive space to share ideas and information about living more sustainably at home. 
  2. Apply to your nearest IKEA store to become a Live LAGOM participant (applications are open August – September each year)
  3. Visit IKEA’s live LAGOM webpage for more ideas and inspirations 

Got any questions? We'd love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to get in touch.