Research tells us that breathing polluted air harms our health, even though we might not feel the effects day-to-day. 7.9 million Londoners – nearly 95% of the capital’s population – live in areas that exceed the World Health Organisation’s pollution guidelines by 50% or more. 

Pollution is invisible, but it’s in the air we share, and 83% of us are worried about the effect of air pollution on ourselves and our families. That's why we've created the #AirWeShare campaign, to find new ways to talk about this complex issue, and make the invisible visible. We’re exploring ways we can all reduce our exposure, cut pollution and add our voices to the call for cleaner air. Read more on the #AirWeShare website and find out what you can do. To get started, we've put together our top five actions.

How much does air pollution really affect me?

Most of what we know about air pollution in our towns and cities comes from large monitoring  stations.  This gives us a good understanding of air pollution hotspots and overall levels of pollution,  but little is known about  how individuals are exposed.

To better understand how exposure varies, 10 Londoners with different homes, jobs, travel routines and locations tracked their exposure to air pollution over one week. Each person carried an air quality monitor with them to explore where exposure varied. The monitors, provided by Kings College London, track black carbon - which in an urban environment is most likely to be from traffic. Read their stories and see how your daily routine compares.

What people think about air pollution

We’ve been finding out what people think about air pollution. 59% of parents say they would move house to escape air pollution if they could afford it. More than one in ten parents of under 18s (12%) have already fled to cleaner areas due to concerns over their children’s health and a fifth are actively considering it. Almost a third (31%) said that air pollution has been or will be a factor in deciding which school their child attends. Read more of our findings in the #AirWeShare press release. 

If you're a parent concerned about your child's health, you could join a parent group campaigning on this issue.

How to get involved in the #AirWeShare

Change comes from numbers, so the more we join our voices the better. 

  1. Tell your friends and family about air pollution. Let them know what simple switches they can make to improve the #AirWeShare.
  2. Air your thoughts on social media with #AirWeShare. How does pollution affect you? What would you like to see change? What have you seen that you’re inspired by?
  3. Make your voice heard. Join a local group campaigning for change or get in touch with your employer or download this editable letter to your local MP, and ask them what they’re doing to clean up our air. 
  4. Subscribe for updates on #AirWeShare events in London. We’re looking for people who proudly want to get involved in public stunts, art installations or events that might happen in the future as part of the #AirWeShare campaign. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay in the loop.

And if you're a business - collaborate with us

We're building coalition of businesses willing to invest in a series of practical interventions under the #AirWeShare banner, that will reduce Londoner’s exposure to poor air quality and act as a source of inspiration for local authorities across the UK. So far #AirWeShare is supported by Investec, Grosvenor, Bunzl, Kingfisher, First Mile and Innogy eMobility.