Trying to reduce the amount of single-use items you use and bin can feel a bit rubbish at times, particularly if you’re a student. A coffee to-go as fuel for the late night study session, a takeaway pizza because Susan has stolen your food again, or a microwave meal because you want something quick and easy – we’ve been there.

As part of our ‘Don’t be Trashy’ campaign we teamed up with Kings College London to put together a Re-Use Kit. We’ve included different products, tips, ideas and recipes that could save you time, money and reduce the amount you throw away – just pick and try different tips to fit in with your lifestyle and routine.

If you’re already doing as much as you can, the guide is perfect to send to a friend who’s a bit less savvy – just think of it as a ‘bintervention’.

Have a read below (we promise it’s short) and let us know what you think.

download student guide (PDF)