With Christmas around the corner, millions of Britons are set to scour the shops for the perfect Christmas jumper to help make celebrations with colleagues, family and friends instagram-worthy.

Our research found that the Christmas jumper is one of the worst examples of fast fashion with two out of five Christmas jumpers only being worn once over the festive period. Avoid this fast fashion fopaux with our four festive tips.

1) Check what you already own 

Two thirds of us own at least one Christmas jumper and one third own more than one. Bring last year’s jumper out for another wear, or pass it on if you’re not planning on wearing it again. Children will most likely have outgrown last year’s Christmas jumper. You could hold a Christmas jumper stall at your school’s Christmas fair or pass on to other parents through local Facebook groups.

2) Swap with family or friends

There are 65 million Christmas jumpers stashed away in wardrobes in the UK from previous years. Have a Christmas jumper amnesty at work ahead of Christmas jumper day or swap with housemates to get a new look with minimal effort and no cost.

3) Make your own 

This can be a fun activity to do with children or a great way to upcycle something old at the back of your wardrobe. Create your own unique look by jazzing up a sweater you already own. By adding temporary decoration you can use your jumper the rest of the year round and stop it becoming one-wear fast fashion.

We asked founder of sustainable fashion brand Gillian June for her favourite DIY hacks to make a festive Christmas jumper for 13th December without having to buy something new.

A) Do you want to build a snowman?

Turn an ordinary sweater into a festive feast by cutting 3 circles out of an old t-shirt to create a snowman, use buttons for eyes and a ribbon for its scarf! After some tips on getting started with sewing? Have a browse here.

B) Pom-poms

Use pompoms to create a festive garland or tree across your jumper. Making pom-poms is super quick and easy – check out this tutorial on pinterest if you need some inspiration. 

C) Tie a bow

Sew ribbons onto the sleeves of your dads old jumper to turn it into a chic oversized jumper for yourself. The ribbons will stop the sleeves from being too long for you whilst adding a pretty festive detail.

4) Buy second-hand 

With so many Christmas jumpers worn only once or twice, a second-hand jumper can be almost brand new. Hubbub’s top three places to find great festive knits are:

  • Depop – the app has plenty of seasonal knitwear available here
  • Beyond retro – the vintage chain has over 1,500 Christmas jumpers online and more in stores.
  • Charity shops – your local high street is a jumper goldmine, whether you’re looking for a ready-made Christmas jumper or a classic sweater waiting to be customised.

How are you getting thrifty this Christmas jumper day? Send us a pic of your upcycled jumper or cosy crafted creation, we'd love to see!

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