Whether it’s to get to work, get fit or save money, more and more two wheeled adventurers are donning a helmet and Lycra and using their bike to get around. While there are loads of benefits to cycling, getting peddling, especially in a busy city can seem daunting. Where's best to start when planning a cycling route? Where should you cycle in the city? What should you be wearing?

In this Hubbub Investigates vlog, Sarah went on the hunt for some handy top tips to help start cycling more confidently and save a bit of money on her commute.

1) Get the right cycling gear to make sure you can cycle safely

It doesn’t need to be expensive, but having some basic kit can make sure you are confident and can cycle safely in the city. A good helmet it an absolute must, as is a bell and bright clothes to make sure you’re really visible on the roads.

2) Be bright with bike lights

It’s illegal to ride at night without lights and they can be picked up really cheaply online for just a few pounds. These should be fitted to the front and back of the bike.

3) Plan your cycling route

The best way to be prepared if you’re new to cycling is to plan the route you're going to take and have an idea of what you’re journey will look like. This will get easier after every ride as you learn more of your town or city. Give yourself a good amount of time, especially on new journeys, so you’re not rushed and can go at your own pace.

4) Get a good bike lock

Protect your bike with a good D - lock that is difficult to break into. If you clip it through the frame and the back wheel it will be more secure!

5) Position yourself carefully on roads, especially at junctions

Rather than riding in the gutter try and position yourself to be about a metre away from the curb so other people on the road can see you and you have space to move if you need to. Also hang back at junctions as sometimes big vehicles like lorry’s won’t see you, especially when turning left.

If you’re still not sure about getting out on the roads head to your local council's website as many offer cycling training sessions.

Sarah worked out she can save £24(!) a week on her commute if she cycles instead of using public transport. Which. Is. Mad. How much would you save every week by cycling?

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