Are you ready to be Green with Pride? We’re working with the LGBT Foundation to launch a new series of workshops, as well as some helpful tips and tricks, designed to engage queer/lgbtiqa+ people with Hubbub campaigns and help everyone save money, save time, and be more #GreenWithPride. 

Why are we launching this campaign?  

“If our fight for queer liberation, equality and global human rights is successful, what’s the point if at the end of it all we don’t have a habitable planet to live on?” – Lewis Corner, Gay Times.  

The world’s leading climate scientists have recently published their third report, which shows how the world can reach net-zero carbon emissions. This report shows that change is going to be needed across society.– Governments, business and organisations have a big part to play in this, but, individuals have the power to make 25% of the impact needed (Jump, 2021). This means everyone, including the LGBTQIA+ community, have a big part to play.  

Making climate action as accessible as possible  

It can be confusing to know where to start when making changes that might be ‘better for the planet’. Eco-friendly products can often cost a fortune and have questionable ‘green’ credentials. The recent rise in cost of living has also meant that many of us are struggling to pay our bills.  

So, we need positive environmental action that can save us money, save us time, and is easy to implement. We hear you. Our ‘Green with Pride’ campaign aims to provide new ideas and provide a free space to learn a new skill and trial new habits (without the risk of judgement…). 

Fun flag fact: When the pride flag was first created, the green strip was included to represent the importance of nature.  

How can I get involved? 

Keep your eyes peeled from mid-May for a variety of workshops run by queer people for queer people. Some of the topics will include:  

  • Creative cooking: whether you need speedy lunches which help cut down the food bills or ideas for dinner party prep, we’ve got you covered.  
  • Green fingered growing: ideas for greening your home, gardens and windowsills with practical plants. 
  • Wardrobe revamp: creative ways to refashion and a queer clothes swap to bring your long forgotten clothes out of the closet.  

We’ll also be sharing our favourite tips across social media. Have some ideas of your own? Share them with us using #GreenWithPride.  

We know it’s important to lead by example. We will be encouraging and supporting all our partners to consider their own impact on the planet when running events and campaigns. 

This campaign has been made possible thanks to the National Lottery’s ‘Together for our planet’ fund.