A daily dose of nature has been proven to make us feel good, yet busy urban centers like London can make the green outdoors feel far away. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Bring nature nearer this summer by creating a green patch at home. Whether you have a garden, windowsill or bedside table, there's always room to #GiveItAGrow and help make your city greener and wilder. 

Not a green bone in your body? Not to worry, growing is all about trowel and error, and we've got the tips to get you started. 

1) Ready, set, #GiveItAGrow

Visit the #GiveItAGrow website to find lots of simple tips for you to dig into including tips on growing plants from seeds, attracting wildlife to your garden and growing your own easy edible plants. What are you waiting for? Let's grow!

2) Make your own plant pot

Plants need a home to grow in, but pots and containers can be expensive and are often made of plastic. Save money and waste by making your own plant pot from things you have at home. Empty milk cartons, yoghurt pots, strawberry punnets, tin cans and more can be turned into perfect homes for your plants with a few simple steps. Click here for a step-by-step guide to making your own plant pot.

Sown lettuce seeds in an old biscuit tin? Planted wildflowers in worn-out wellies? Share a photo of your green space tagging #GiveItAGrow and #NationalParkCity.

3) Grow further with free planting kits 

On 14th September we’re giving away 10 000 free planting kits filled with bee-friendly bulbs and seeds. Sign up to the #GiveItAGrow newsletter to be the first to know (grow) more and get simple growing tips straight to your inbox.


#GiveItAGrow aims to make London greener and wilder and is part of the Mayor of London's ongoing commitment to making London a National Park City. It's supported by IKEA, Starbucks, B&Q and Mr. Fothergills.