Taking good food further  

Food Connect is a zero emissions redistribution service run by Hubbub. We are using a small fleet of e-cargo bikes and an e-van to share surplus food from local businesses with the community.  

Community groups such as members of Hubbub's Community Fridge Network rely on volunteers to collect surplus from retailers and other businesses, and we know that collection times and the volumes of food can be a real challenge. Food Connect was set up to support that ‘final mile’ in food redistribution.

Our impact 

The project took place in Milton Keynes, with our pilot running from September 2020 to February 2021. We also ran a Covid response service during the first lockdown. We now hope to take the service to new locations in the UK. Over the pilot, we saved around 110 tonnes of good food from going to waste – the equivalent of almost 260,000 meals!

The food saved was associated with at least 36  tonnes  of greenhouse gas emissions, while the use of electric vehicles avoided 1.7 tonnes of transport emissions. The pilot also created six green jobs. 

Supporting communities during Covid  

During the first lockdown Food Connect delivered more than 2,000 food parcels to vulnerable households and those who were self-isolating. What’s more, the delivery team supporting Food Connect offered a lifeline to many isolated people and proved to be agile in responding to urgent community needs. 

How does Food Connect work? 

Food Connect provides a simpler donation experience for food businesses and significantly increases the quantity of food that can be collected. We offer a single point of contact for donations, and food is collected by a professional rider or driver who will take it to a local community fridge or community group where it will be shared quickly and safely with local residents. We have developed a model that is replicable but community-led, and we are now looking to expand to new locations where we can take even more great food further. 

Support Food Connect 

Contact us if you can help us take Food Connect to new locations. 


Anyone can help save great food from going to waste. Check out our Community Fridge Network and see if you have one near you!


Food Connect is brought to you by Hubbub with thanks to CAF Venturesome, Costa Coffee, Bosch eBike Systems, The National Lottery Fund, Milton Keynes Council and FareShare.