Air pollution is invisible, but it's in the air we breathe. Even though we might not feel the effects day-to-day, breathing polluted air can harm our health in the long term.

The #AirWeShare is exploring ways we can all breathe less pollution and protect our health, whilst cutting our own contribution and campaigning for wider change. If we all make small changes, and ask our businesses and government to make changes, together we can make a big impact.

There’s lots we can do to improve the #AirWeShare. Here are five tips to reduce your exposure to air pollution and make a positive impact. These tips are based on a Personal Monitoring study we carried out with Kings College London. You can download and read the report here.

Do share what you've tried, or your own top tips on social media #AirWeShare. 

1) Use cars less 

Where it’s easy to make the switch - choose public transport instead of taking a car.  By walking and cycling you help keep the air clean, stay fit and you generally breathe in less pollution than people travelling in vehicles. Car users breathe in more pollution than cyclists and pedestrians on average, because invisible pollution enter the car from the traffic in front. To get you started have a free cycle on us with Brompton hire code code 'AirWeShare'. 

2) Re-route your commute  

Travelling down back routes, away from busy roads can significantly reduce your exposure to polluted air. Exploring a city away from its busy roads can also reveal all sorts of hidden gems and city secrets!  Try downloading City Mapper and selecting the ‘quiet route’, when looking for ways to get from a to b, or plan your route using a Clean Air Route Finder.

3) Change  delivery habits 

40% of us get deliveries to city centre workplaces, which directly creates more vehicles on the road - meaning more traffic and pollution. Use 'click & collect' as an easy, free alternative.  

If you're looking for a pollution-free way of getting stuff about the city, pedal-powered cargo bike services such as Pedal-Me are popping up to deliver things (and sometimes people!), why not give it a go. 

4) Burn less at home 

Fuel-burning in our homes contributes to pollution. By keeping your home cosy and insulating it well, you can turn down the thermostat, helping reduce pollution and saving you money on energy bills. If you need to burn solid fuels to heat your home, make sure your stove meets legal requirements and use smokeless fuels.  More guidance can be found here.

5) Make your voice heard 

Join a local group campaigning for change, such as Mums For Lungs and The Air Team, or get in touch with your local MP to ask them what they’re doing to clean up our air. You can download a letter to your MP here. You can also ask your employer what they're doing to take action on air pollution. Check our our top tips for businesses here.

Do you live in London?

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