Welcome to the world of fast fashion...

...where the clothes you buy are out of style before they’ve even been sold. The world where there are 52 micro-seasons - with a fashion ‘revolution’ ready to happen at the start of every week.

FAUX magazine explores the themes of fast fashion - emulating what the future of fashion might look like - a glimpse onto tomorrow’s dystopian runway. Our aim is to make us question the sustainability of fashion and our obsession with constantly wanting the next ‘big’ thing. And when would be a better time to do this than around the epitome of fast fashion and fashionista pilgrimage - Black Friday.

So get ready to strut into the unknown, your journey begins on the next page.

Download 'FAUX Magazine' (PDF)

FAUX is part of the #BrightFriday campaign, your alternative to Black Friday frenzy. Revamp your wardrobe for free by swapping, restyling or upcycling your wardrobe, and change the nature of fashion.