Looking for a scare this Halloween? Here goes: A terrifying 12.8 million pumpkins are expected to be left uneaten this Halloween, in the UK alone!  

After carving, many-a-pumpkin’s guts are simply thrown awayTheir purpose as the infamous jack o’ lantern overshadows their true purpose – dinner! Since we started our Pumpkin Rescue campaign in 2014, the spooky story of the uneaten pumpkins has travelled far and wide, leading to lots of eerie-sistable pumpkin recipes and dishes coming to life to save them from the bin.  

In 2014 two thirds of people didn’t eat their pumpkin. Now we can proudly say that the nation has upped their pumpkin eating efforts. But 3 in 5 people* (59%) still don’t know that carving pumpkins from the supermarket are totally edible! And delicious. 

Whether you’re staying at home this year or venturing to the streets, we’ve got everything you need for a safe, spooky and sustainable Halloween packed with treats. Read on for recipes, DIY costumes and decorations, tips for picking the perfect pumpkin and keeping your kids entertained at home. You can enter the #EatYourPumpkin Competition... if you dare! 

We’ve got plenty of pumpkin recipes to help you use up all the different bits, from a traditional pumpkin soup and roasted seeds for snacks, to a more adventurous coconut pumpkin cake, and even pumpkin kimchi! Sweet or savoury, we just want to see them eaten.  


Oh, and have you heard the Pumpkin Poem? 

Usually, our Pumpkin Rescue campaign has lots of events around the UK (even around the world!) that bring people together to learn how to cook and eat their pumpkins. Schools, community groups, families and more all get involved. Unfortunately this year due to Covid-19 things couldn't be the same, but hopefully, next year can! Check out the full resources we have here if you're curious, and maybe even get a jump start on next Halloween!