The UK’s passion to get spooky is burning a hole in our pockets leading to Halloween costumes becoming the single use accessory of the season. An estimated 39 million people in the UK dressed up for Halloween last year, spending a total of £510 million on costumes alone! With 7 million Halloween costumes ending up in the bin in 2016, here our top tips to have a spooktacular halloween this autumn that saves you money and helps the planet.

1) Bring your outfit back from the dead

If you’ve got it, haunt it. Uncover the skeletons in your closet and rewear an old outfit. This is a faboolous alternative to buying a Halloween costume in store.

2) Have some skele-fun by up-cycling old costumes

Get old school spooky and patch your costume together from things you already have in the house. Here are some quick and easy step by step guides to making a bat and skeleton costume as instructed by the marvellous Mum In The Madhouse. See full making instructions and guides for a cat, ghost and wizard here

How to make a DIY skeleton costume.

How to make a DIY bat costume.

3) Share the magic with a Halloween costume swap

Do a costume swap with friends or through a local Facebook group, community centre or school. Bring out that outfit from last year and exchange it for a new one. Share a photo of you and your friends in your new costume online with #SewSpooky and be #SquadGhouls.

Carving up a storm this halloween? 

Are you carving a pumpkin this year? Most of us don’t think of pumpkins as a vegetable, but they are, and they’re delicious. Don’t forget to eat your pumpkin guts and help cut food waste. Check out our #PumpkinRescue campaign and get a taste of Halloween with our collection of #FoodSavvy pumpkin recipes here.

To learn about the impact of single use fast fashion on humans and the environment click here.

Happy Halloween!