With 4 in 10 Halloween costumes only being worn once before they’re thrown away, and a lot of them being made from plastic, the cost of looking creepy is creeping up! We got creative with some DIY dress up ideas that will save money, time, and help the planet, check them out.  

1) Iconic Costumes from everyday clothes  

Maybe you get a growing sense of dread as Halloween approaches, and not from horror films. Choosing an outfit is hard, and buying one that fits can make it even more difficult. So why not revamp your everyday clothes into an iconic costume? Real life figures like the Spice Girls, David Attenborough, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or fictional ones like Rosie the Riveter or Paddington Bear have looks that are instantly recognisable but can also be assembled from what’s already in your wardrobe.   

2) Bring your outfit back from the dead 

Are there any old outfits haunting the back of your cupboards from many moons ago? If single-use clothing and its associated packaging gives you the shivers, find an old costume and bring back the ghost of Halloween pastThose skeletons in the back of your wardrobe will thank you, and so will your wallet and the planet! If you've dug up a costume that isn’t quite up to scratchread on for more on props and make-up... 

3) Have some skele-fun by up-cycling a costume 

Get old school spooky and patch your costume together from things you already have in the houseThis is a faboolous alternative to buying a Halloween costume in store. Here are some quick and easy step by step guides to making a bat and skeleton costume as instructed by the marvellous Mum In The Madhouse. See full making instructions and guides for a cat, ghost and wizard here 

4) Top of the Props  

Halloween outfit missing that finishing touch? Have a go at fashioning freaky accessories from leftover cardboard or paper already at home, and skip the shop and plastic wrapping completelySwords, ears, hats, and wings can all be cut from cardboard and painted or covered with fabric, with lots of tutorials online. If you’ve got it, haunt it. 

5) Paint yourself scary 

You can pick up non-toxic, cruelty free face paint super cheap from most fancy-dress shops and create amazing looks for almost any outfit you can imagine. YouTube has some great tutorials and when you wash the paint off you’ll be waste-free! 

Now we dare you to....

Now you've got your costume sorted, why not get creative with your pumpkin too? There are tonnes of delicious ways to #EatYourPumpkin, check out our treasure trove of recipes here, or try pumpkin-ifying one of your own favourites!