Lockdown has rapidly revolutionised what we can access from home. From transforming living rooms into gyms with Joe Wicks, into classrooms with homeschooling and even a doctor’s surgery with video appointments, it’s safe to say connectivity has been a lifeline for many.

77% of us say that our phone and internet has been the best coping strategy (ONS), but 1.9 million UK households have no access to the internet meaning that life under lockdown has created new challenges. For the most vulnerable, isolating has increased loneliness and the ability to access vital services. Meanwhile, for every single phone in use in the UK, four sit unused. It’s time to dig them out and pass them on - these phones could be a lifeline. 

Gift your phone with #CommunityCalling

We’re partnering with O2 to bring you Community Calling. Starting in Southwark, one of the most COVID-19 affected areas, we’re working with the Council and local community groups to reach those who are most vulnerable. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Southwark, we welcome smartphone donations from anywhere in the UK. 

Every phone gifted will be data-wiped and sterilised by specialists Recono.me, and O2 will be providing SIM cards with 15GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for 30 days. Recipients will also be supported with remote assistance to get up and running so that they can learn how to use their new devices with ease.

Get started

It's completely free to take part, all you need is a spare smartphone and we'll send you an envelope and freepost label to send it to us. You can also print the freepost label yourself or download one at the post office if you'd prefer, you'll just need your own envelope. Fill in the form below to get started!

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Who will the phones go to?

Southwark, London has been one region in the UK most affected by COVID-19 cases, so we're working with the local council and community aid groups in the area to identify people there who will benefit most from a phones. If the scheme is a success, we will expand to support other areas in London and beyond.

What phones can I gift and what should I send you?

We’re asking for any workable smartphone. At a minimum, we require a working phone. If you can share a charger for your phone that would be ideal.

    What condition should the phone be in?

    All phones must still be in working condition. 

    If the phone has significant damage like a cracked or broken screen or not powering up, it may not be suitable for Community Calling, but it would be perfect for recycling. Any phones that are donated and aren't in workable condition will be recycled. 

    Do I need to do anything before I send you the phone?

    Yes, you'll need to do a factory reset of your phone, as well as removing any networks, locks and accounts. Once you've registered to gift your phone above, we'll send you a guide for doing this. 

    Community Calling was brought together with the support of O2 UK and Recono.me. The groups we are working with in Southwark to distribute phones to are Community Southwark, Southwark Works, Age UK, Bede House, Time & Talents, Pecan, Pembroke House, Linkage, Solace, Quay Health Solutions, Southwark Group of Tenant Organisations and Renaisi