Do you have an old smartphone that could be passed on to someone in need? Sign up and read on to find out more about the initiative. 

I'm an individual with a phone to gift - get started

Want to get involved? It’s free and straightforward! You can either send your old device to us by freepost or take it to a local drop off point. To send by freepost: 

  • Sign up below and we’ll send you a label so you can send us your phone. Or, you can print your own label.  

To drop of your phone (only available from October 29th onwards): 

  • Find a drop off point local to you using this map   
  • Pop your phone in an envelope and visit your nearest drop off point  
  • Share on socials and nominate a friend to do the same!  


I'm in an organisation with a phone to gift - get started

Are you a business or organisation with spare smartphones gathering dust? Or perhaps you’d like to do an internal outreach to your employees for devices? Find out how to donate as an organisation by emailing [email protected].  

What is Community Calling?

Covid-19 has seen us all change the way we interact with each other. With 77% of us using our phones and the internet as a coping strategy, lockdown for those without a device hasn’t been easy. At the start of lockdown, we trialled a campaign that re-homed a whopping 538 smartphones with vulnerable, and otherwise digitally excluded, owners. With 28 to 125 million smartphones lying unused in people’s homes in the UK, we’re expanding our brilliant initiative with the hope of redistributing another 1500 smartphones across three London boroughs with support from the public and businesses. 

This is part of our wider aim of encouraging the government to invest in and improve digital access across the UK. We want the government to create much needed community connection hubs to create employment opportunities and support people who are currently disconnected. Read more about the wider aims of our Greenprint here. 


Will the phones be data-wiped?

Yes, rest assured every device will be data-wiped by our tech partners with certified deletion software. Read more about the software they use here. 

Who will the phones go to? 

We’re working with local community groups in the boroughs of Southwark, Lewisham and Lambeth in London to identify people who will benefit most from a phone. Some examples of previous beneficiaries of Community Calling are the elderly, asylum seekers, survivors of domestic abuse and those in low-income households. We are working closely with the local councils to ensure everyone who receives a phone has adequate digital skills training to go with it.  

What phones can I gift and what should I send you? 

At a minimum, we require a working smartphoneIf you can gift a charger that would be ideal. 

What condition should the phone be in? 

We're asking for any workable smartphone. If the phone has significant damage like a cracked screen or it's not powering up, it may not be suitable for Community Calling.

What if my phone isn't suitable for gifting?

If your phone has a cracked screen or broken exterior, please find out how to recycle it through O2 recycle. If it has internal faults, you can visit any O2 store with the device and they can take care of it.

Do I need to do anything before I send the phone? 

Yes, please factory reset your phone before sendingPlease also remove any password locks and accounts (e.g. iCloud or Gmail accounts) or we won’t be able to regift your phone. If you are signing up to receive a donation kit, we will email you a checklist detailing how to prep your phone. If you're donating via a collection point, you can access the checklist here. 

We are working alongside Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Council and 10 local organisations in each borough to ensure we are supporting those that are in real need of a smart device. Read more about the people we have supported with smartphones and their stories here.