Bringing together unlikely collaborations and people from all parts of society is a core part of what makes our campaigns unique. We aim to work with anyone who shares our vision and values, to build greater reach, expertise and impact.

At Hubbub we have many campaign ideas bubbling away. Here are some projects we’re building at the moment, if any are of interest to you, get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Collaborations we're building

Making sustainable living accessible to all

We believe that living in ways that are good for the environment and our health should be accessible to everyone. We're building the UK’s largest collaborative, community-led campaign that enables mainstream households to do just this, in response to the Climate Emergency. Get in touch to hear more about sustainable communities.

Reuse and repair city

There's growing evidence that we can’t recycle ourselves out of the environmental challenges. We need to reduce the amount we're consuming and shift towards reuse, refill, repairing and sharing. We're building a collaboration to trial the first city-wide campaign to shift to reuse and repair. Get in touch to hear more about the reuse and repair city. 

Good fashion that doesn't cost the earth

The fashion industry is increasingly under the spotlight for the impact it has on the environment. We're building a collaboration of businesses, creatives and innovators to co-create a movement that engages young people in a range of practical and positive actions that reduces the environmental impact of clothing. Get in touch to hear more about 'Wear The Movement'.

Have an idea or challenge of your own?

We thrive off finding creative solutions to environmental problems. If you have a challenge and need some creative thinking, get in touch, let's have a chat and explore the difference we can make.

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