Join the Food Savvy Lunch Club

What's the recipe to cutting single-use plastic and food waste from 'on-the-go' lunches? We challenged 50 people to join the Lunch Club and they reduced both by over 50%. Find out how. Read more

Book a Plastic Fishing trip

Plastic Fishing is a unique team-building and corporate volunteering opportunity that brings plastics and marine pollution issues to life, right in the heart of London. Find out more and book a trip today. Read more

Recycle disposable coffee cups

Seven million disposable coffee cups are thrown away every day in the UK. Download our free guide to setting up a cup recycling scheme in your workplace. Read more

Ballot Bin

How do you get people to dispose of cigarette butts properly? Combine an opinionated question with good design. The Ballot Bin is now available to order, keeping streets litter free. Read more