#GiveItAGrow to make your home greener

Bring nature nearer this summer by creating a green patch of calm and tranquility. Whether you have a garden, windowsill or bedside table, there's always room to #GiveItAGrow. Read more

Join #AirWeShare and take action on air pollution

Air pollution is invisible, but it's in the air we breathe. Research tells us that breathing in polluted air harms our health. But how much are we really exposed as individuals as we go about our daily lives? And what can we all do to improve the #AirWeShare? Read more

Join the Food Savvy Lunch Club

What's the recipe to cutting single-use plastic and food waste from 'on-the-go' lunches? We challenged 50 people to join the Lunch Club and they reduced both by over 50%. Find out how. Read more

Set up a 'Street Store' clothes swap

Set up your own community clothes swap to exchange good quality clothes you no longer want for new ones. The kit is set up for children's clothes but you can adapt to any setting. Read more

Bring Back Heavy Metal

178 million used batteries are hoarded in UK homes that could be recycled. Bring Back Heavy Metal is a campaign to boost the bring back of household batteries for recycling. Read more


Live LAGOM was created through a three year collaboration with IKEA. Using the Swedish word LAGOM, meaning balance, we aimed to inspire and support thousands of people to live more sustainably. Read more

The Plastic Fishing Tour

Our third Plastic Fishing boat made from plastic fished out of the river Thames, is on a UK tour across Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland! Get on board! Read more

What's In My Wash?

One third of primary microplastic pollution in our ocean comes from washing textiles. #WhatsInMyWash is a campaign that collates research, communicates actions people can take and calls for collaboration across industry. Read more

Recycle on the go and #LeedsByExample

Every year in the UK £17.4 billion is spent eating and drinking on the move, and the packaging stacks up! #LeedsByExample will trial new ways to increase the amount we recycle on the go. Read more

Meat Your Match

The amount of meat and dairy we eat is predicted to double by 2050. Join Meat Your Match - take on the challenge to half the amount of meat you eat or collaborate with us on the next phase. Read more

Take Care of Tooting

98% of Tooting residents think fly-tipping is a serious problem, so we teamed up with Wandsworth Council to bring some anti-littering initiatives to Tooting. Read more

#StreetsAhead in Brighton and Hove

A creative approach to tackling litter in coastal towns, initially piloted in Brighton and Hove. Read more