Why has Hubbub bought a horsebox?

Last year we trialled the 'Trashconverter' van to tackle litter in the Forest of Dean. From this pilot, we learnt that using a van had its drawbacks, so this year the Trashconverter is back, as a horsebox.Read more

The story of a start-up charity: why there are five B’s in Hubbub

We started Hubbub four years ago, aiming to take a fresh approach to environmental campaigning by engaging a mainstream audience. We started with £25,000 and a set of clear principles, but gradually a growing number of companies expressed a desire to collaborate and together we have created a portfolio of activities which we couldn’t have dreamt of at the early outset.Read more

How to have a greener Easter

In the UK we buy more than 80 million boxed chocolate eggs each year at Easter, generating 4,370 tonnes of card waste and costing around £299 million. If you want to save money or produce less waste this year, here are top tips for a greener Easter.Read more

Who inspires you to live greener? Nominate to win

We are looking for your favourite UK-based bloggers, vloggers or movie makers to be part of a go-to shortlist for green lifestyle advice! Between Friday 30th March and Tuesday 10th April, tell us who inspires you to live greener, and why, using #mygreeninspiration.Read more

Is a deposit return scheme the way forward?

Subject to consultation, Michael Gove has announced the introduction of a deposit return scheme (DRS) to increase recycling rates and slash the amount of waste. Are they the way forward?Read more

We can’t leave the sharing economy to the tech giants

Facebook, AirBnb and Uber are a few of a growing number of businesses creating a sharing economy, but how does their approach compare to approaches that are grassroots, locally owned and meet the needs of local communities?Read more

How are Community Fridges different to Food Banks?

Community Fridge have captured the nations imagination and are springing up in communities across the UK. However there is growing confusion about the role the fridges should play in addressing food poverty. We thought it would be useful to outline how Community Fridges differ from Food Banks, and why we think it’s important to frame them differently.Read more

Your guide to switching to a reusable coffee cup

Every day 7 million disposable coffee cups are thrown away across the UK. Switching to a re-usable cup is an easy way to cut waste with a few pointers - here's your guide too making a smooth switch.Read more

Hubbub announces new ‘Meat Your Match’ partnership

On current trends, meat and dairy consumption is predicted to double by 2050. We're launching a series of new campaigns helping people to follow a more plant-based diet.Read more

What will Hubbub’s partnership with Starbucks discover?

Starbucks is introducing a 5p ‘Latte Levy’ on disposable coffee cups in 35 of its London stores. Hubbub will be using the proceeds to fund research into why people use disposable cups and how we can encourage them to adopt new routines and habits.Read more