The surprising benefits of an inspiration alley

Oldham residents transformed three alleyways from unusable and fly-tipped area into safe community spaces. Could this be a catalyst for change across the whole of Oldham?Read more

Tips for using less water in your garden

We've asked gardener and designer Renée Canter to share her tactics for making sure the plants in your garden grow and thrive – without needing too much time or waterRead more

How to switch kids from having baths to showers

‘Bathtime’ is a special time for you and your children, but when is the right time to start showering? Showers use less water than baths, and saves time and effort too. In this blog, mum of two Charlotte shares her top tips for getting children to swap bath time for shower time.Read more

Plastic Fishing expands thanks to Starbucks 5p coffee cup charge

From today Starbucks will be charging 5p for disposable cups which will be donated to Hubbub. We've got exciting plans for the money including a new plastic fishing boat.Read more

Six reasons why encouraging people to save water is difficult

To explore a fresh approach to communicating water saving messages Hubbub has developed #TapChat generating considerable reach but demonstrated how difficult it is to engage people in water saving.Read more

Starbucks rolls out 5p paper cup charge to all stores across Britain

In 2018 Starbucks launched a trial of a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups. After an encouraging increase in reusable cup use Starbucks will be expanding the trial to every store in Britain.Read more

How to brush your teeth the right way

Are you brushing right? Brushing your teeth is a simple and effective way to improve oral health, combat bad breath, and one of the easiest places to reduce water use too. Leaving the tap off when brushing teeth can save 24 litres of water every day. That's something to smile about.Read more

Is the UK going to have to rethink our water use?

Water use has increased massively in the heatwave. It's estimated that in the first weekend of July 3.9 billion litres of water will go down the drain due to super-sized paddling pools.Read more

Industry giants join forces to tackle ‘on-the-go’ recycling

Hubbub has brought together the largest coalition of companies it has worked with to-date to tackle ‘on-the-go-recycling’ in Leeds.Read more

Join 'Leeds By Example' collaboration

Hubbub is calling on businesses and organisations in Leeds City Centre to sign up to a new creative campaign that will tackle recycling on the go, starting in September 2018.Read more