Is the Government right to demonise plastic?

The launch of the government’s 25 year environment strategy, the emotional power of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet has turned the spotlight on plastic. Challenging the throwaway society is welcomed but we need to move away from ‘all plastics are bad’ to approaches that are truly more sustainable.Read more

Hubbub Enterprise – it started with an ashtray

Around 18 months ago Hubbub Enterprise was formed, in part to launch the world’s first voting ashtray, the Ballot Bin. Whilst we have taken on new projects the Ballot Bin remains a symbol of what is exciting about what we do at Hubbub.Read more

5 ways to create impact

How can a small team create a big impact? In three years Hubbub has been exploring different approaches to achieve this. We want to share what we have discovered and get thoughts on how we can improve.Read more

What is next for Hubbub?

Hubbub work best when set big stubborn challenges so what are the five questions we will be seeking to answer in the coming months?Read more

Top tips for a greener festival

Next week 150,000 revellers are going to be descending on a sleepy town in Somerset for Glastonbury, the big kick off to the U.K festival season. Our resident vlogger Sarah is one of the happy number getting her wellies and tent ready for Glasto so she’s put together her 6 top tips for going green this festival season.Read more

Life hacks for happiness: Scandi style

Last Wednesday was Norway day and there were cakes aplenty in the Hubbub office as Stine, our resident Scandi, was on a mission to convince us of the benefits of Nordic style living. It turns out that Norway is officially the world's happiest place to live, so we've asked Stine to share her top tips for living life the viking way.Read more

5 lessons from Hubbub's weekly vlog

Whilst hugely proud of what Hubbub has achieved in the first two years, we are still playing around the edges. Bold new approaches are needed to crank up the level of public engagement and this led to the launch of a weekly vlog in January. So what have we learned?Read more

Hubbub launches new sustainability vlogging channel

2017 sees us take a leap into the unknown with the launch of a new sustainability vlogging channel as part of our on-going ambition to take environmental messages to a mainstream audience.Read more