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What is 'fast fashion'?

New research from Hubbub and WoolOvers shows that nearly half of women in the UK don’t know what ‘fast fashion’ means. Do you?


Author: Lottie Hanson-Lowe

What On Earth? the Hubbub sustainability podcast

We've started a brand new podcast 'What On Earth?' delving into the past, present and future of environmental issues (and hopefully it doesn't make you want to hide in a bunker ‘till it’s all over). Tune in!


Author: Abigail Arden

Our impact

  • 52000 items of outgrown baby clothing redistributed to families via mothercare as part of the Gift A Bundle campaign
  • 5000000 coffee cups collected and recycled as part of the Square Mile Challenge
  • 75 Community Fridges in the UK network, each redistributing approx 1 tonne of surplus food per month

Tips for change

  • How to find good quality clothes that will last

    “Buy less, buy better and make it last.” The clothes we buy have an impact on our planet. Avoid clothes that shrink after one wash or need repairing after a few wears and buy clothes of good quality that will last. Knowing what to look for can be a challenge, though. This simple guide gives you easy tips to look out for when buying something new. Read more

  • Your guide to eating less meat

    Want to eat less meat and dairy, but not ready for a full blown veganuary? Good news, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Read these tips for cutting down on meat and maintaining a healthy diet. Read more

  • 6 Tips for a less trashy term time

    Here are some tips to help students save money and reduce rubbish around the home. Read more

  • Six tips for a greener festival

    Each year 150,000 revellers descend on Somerset for Glastonbury, the big kick off to the U.K festival season. Sarah is one of the happy number getting her wellies and tent ready so she’s put together her six top tips. Read more

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