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Tune in to 'Hubbub Investigates'. We investigate sustainable living, getting behind the headlines and to the bottom of everything from what electric cars are like to drive to whether we should be eating less eating meat.


Author: Heather Poore

Gift your old phone to help get people connected during COVID-19

Did you know 1.9 million UK households have no access to internet? Community Calling is a scheme with O2, to collect and gift unused smartphones, helping to connect people during the COVID-19 lockdown.


Author: Hannah Cole

Our impact

  • 52000 items of outgrown baby clothing redistributed to families via mothercare as part of the Gift A Bundle campaign
  • 5000000 coffee cups collected and recycled as part of the Square Mile Challenge
  • 75 Community Fridges in the UK network, each redistributing approx 1 tonne of surplus food per month

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