Make our Move

Want to do something good for the environment? Not sure where to start? Climate change is a huge issue, so it's easy to get overwhelmed, or confused about what we can actually do to help. 

You're not alone. In fact 2 in 3 of us are concerned with the impact of climate change, yet only 1 in 5 know what action we can take to reduce our impact. Over a third of us would like clearer guidance on what would make a difference and where to start. So we've done the hard work for you.

We’ve pulled together 12 clear actions you can take that'll have a positive impact. Luckily, decisions that are good for the environment are usually good for us too. They can save us money, keep us healthy, and be a great way to connect with others. Whether you just want to try some simple sustainable swaps, or are looking to extend your actions to your workplace and community, we've got ideas to help. 

Let's make our move, together. 

'COP' stands for the 'Conference of Parties' and is the biggest global meeting about climate change. It happens once a year where every country in the UNFCC (see below) comes together to check progress and set new targets in the fight agains climate change. 

When is COP?

 From Sunday 31st October - Friday 12th November, the 26th COP 'COP26' will be coming to the home of chips, cheese, and curry sauce in Glasgow.

What’s the UNFCCC? 

The UNFCCC is an agreement currently involving 197 countries, working to limit human interference in the climate. Countries in the UNFCCC (short for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - a real mouthful!) need to report on the actions they are taking to tackle and adapt to climate change.  

What has COP actually achieved so far? 

Like any good action movie, there is good COP and bad COP– as some have been more successful than others. For instance, COP3 and COP21 led to two global agreements – the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement – where countries agreed to legally binding targets. COP16 launched the Green Climate Fund, which has since raised $10.3 billion US dollars to help developing countries adapt to climate change**.But other meetings have, like COP15, have ended with disagreements between countries.  

Why is this year’s COP so important? 

At COP21, the Paris Agreement required all countries to strengthen their climate change commitments every five years – this will be put to the test at COP26. After being delayed a year due to COVID, COP26 will also be the first meeting after the ‘IPCC’ (intergovernmental panel on climate change) report, which has been described as a "code red for humanity".

We need more than goals, we need clear and ambitious plans for how countries will reduce their emissions. For the UK this would mean stopping new plans to drill for oil such as the Cambo oil field, a project that has been pushing to be approved. Whatever the outcome, COP26 is likely to go down in history...

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Who’s going to be there? 

Each country sends representatives (these are often politicians and scientists) to take part in debates and negotiations.  

But these aren’t the only players! Environmental, youth and indigenous groups, labour unions, NGOs and more attend to bring diverse views and expertise to the negotiations. There are also lots of ways we can get involved as individuals, whether in Glasgow or from home.  

How can you get involved? 

  • Based in Glasgow or planning to travel there? Join a fringe event. The COP26 Coalition has all the information you need including a handy map of where the fringe activities will be focused – follow @Cop26 on insta to find out more.  
  • Supporting from home?  – groups around the country are organising events and actions throughout COP including a ‘Global Day of Action on 6th November. Check out the COP26 Coalition map of events, search for your Cop26 coalition’s local hub or see if your local Friends of the Earth branch or favourite environmental organisation are putting anything on 
  • Check out this report from Giki on 'how can you take part in COP26'. The 4 aims of COP26 are not only important for governments but for every citizen and business too. 
  • Tell your MP how important ambitious climate action is for you by writing to them. 

Want to cut more jargon?

What does Net Zero mean, what actually is a carbon footprint? Check out our series of 'Cut the Jargon & The Carbon' definitions. 


Keen to try a new climate action? 

Check out our list of the 12 most impactful actions you can take for the environment and your community. Let’s #MakeOurMove together.