In the UK 200 million slices of bread are wasted every single day. If you have bread ends you need to use up or stale slices there are loads of recipes that will help turn them into something brand new and delicious.  

1) Panzanella   

An Italian staple perfect on a warm summers day and a great way to use up stray vegetables in your fridge and any stale bits of bread you have lying around.   


2) French Toast 

This recipe is a real weekend treat. With just a bit of prep the night before you’ll have deliciously decadent breakfast the following morning with very little effort. Simply pop the this on to bake while you shower and get ready for the day and enjoy warming, autumnal scents wafting through the house. A perfect, cosy weekday or weekend breakfast made from something that you may have normally just thrown away!  

Watch amazing chef Nena Foster show you how to make the full recipe.  

3) ‘Eggless’ Eggy Bread  

A leftover classic made vegan.  

A childhood favourite, the perfect snack - but what if you don't have eggs!? Or you don't eat eggs!? This recipe is the closest we've ever got to eggy bread - without any eggs. The recipe is based in lentils so is still high in protein, and no eggs means it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans too. Check out the secret "eggy" ingredient below and give it a try!