You’re a Water Hero! Congrats! As for most superheroes, your priority is to help others help themselves. Here are some tips for getting the whole household on-board with water saving.


Get the whole households on board by turning shortening showers into a friendly competition. Use a shower timer and rank a weekly winner. Help your household use less water without even realising it by changing to a water-saving showerhead – available for free from most water suppliers.


Households that wash their clothes together use less water together. Make sure to always wait until you have a full load before running the washing machine, and use an eco-setting if possible. Get a laundry-bag or basket and encourage others to save up clothes before running a load. Remind them that washing less makes clothes last longer, which saves them money and a trip to the shop too. 


Dishwashing isn't the most fun activity, but doing the dishes together can make it more fun. Leave dishes to soak in a washing-up bowl and team up to wash together in the evening. Using a bowl rather than leaving the tap running uses on average 60% less water. If you have a dishwasher always stack it fully before running it and use an eco-setting if available. Remember that a full dishwasher uses less water and tend to be more hygienic than washing up by hand.

Teeth cleaning

Even if you see leaving the tap on when brushing teeth as equally stupid texting when driving, it’s not a given that the rest of your household feels the same way.

To remind them, why not leave a friendly reminder on the bathroom mirror – a post-it or a lipstick smiley-face should do the trick.


Flushing the toilet uses a loo-t of water, up to 30% of household's water usage. A leaky toilet can use even more. Order a leaky loo strip from your water supplier, put some flour at the back of your toilet and leave it over night - if the powder is washed away by morning you may have a leaky loo!

If you have a dual-flush toilet, "help" your household use the right button by decorating the buttons, or simply reminding them that the little button is for liquids and the bigger button is for everything else. 

Install water saving gadgets

Luckily there are plenty of gadgets out there that can help the rest of your household save water with little or no action required.

Even better: most water suppliers will send you free products such as a water-saving shower head or a save-a-flush bag, which reduces each toilet flush by 1.2 litres.

Contact your water supplier or click here to find out more.


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