Try one of our tasty savoury or sweet tray bakes. All the flavour, less of the washing up.

Tray bakes are great for roasting up delicious rescued veggies that are just past their best. Or combining flavours to create dishes that are more than the sum of their parts. Even better in the time they are in the oven you can catch an episode of your favourite boxset or get the kids in the bath and ready for bed.


Roast aubergine, mozzarella, tomato and cannellini

Summer is here and that means that aubergine is bang in season, and we couldn’t be more excited. In this quick, affordable and delicious tray bake we’ve teamed it up with some other seasonal favourites - tomatoes and basil.

The balanced acidity and sweetness of the aubergine and tomatoes is contrasted with the creaminess of mozzarella and we’ve chucked in some leftover bread. Why waste it when we can use it to go golden and bring this whole bake together.


Potato, egg and kale breakfast tray bake

This potato, kale and egg breakfast tray bake is one of Melissa Hemsley’s fail safe breakfast recipes for when she *thinks* she has nothing to have for breakfast. But after a little *fridge forage* she can usually find eggs, some leftover roasted root veg and some sort of greenery getting a little wilted in the fridge. So, let that make the base of a lovely breakfast tray bake, which you can bung in the oven, while you have a slow start and then have minimal washing up to do afterwards. WIN WIN!

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Roasted tofu, crispy kale, red onion, clementine and walnut salad

The crispness of the kale, combines perfectly with the texture of the tofu and the creaminess of the dressing, this is a perfect combination for the end of summer. Add some clementines into the mix later in the year for sweetness and make the most of what is in season earlier in the year

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Roast broccoli, carrots, chilli and chickpeas with Ras el Hanout and tahini

Broccoli is the perfect roasting veg, its florets absorb oil and crisp up beautifully and the all too often discarded stems add some tantalising crunch. In this recipe it is paired up with other perfect roasting veg and an amazing Ras el Hanout and tahini sauce.


Hasselback roasted chipotle vegetables with zesty crème fraiche

Use up root vegetables in this hunger-busting Mexican style hasselback tray bake recipe. We’ve used herby creme fraiche in this version and some extra chickpeas for a crispy texture. This dish is cheap, cheerful and a spicy winner with the chilli hit from the smokey chipotle. 

Don't worry if you don't have the ingredients we used, use what you have and mix it up with spices you like. Take it on an Indian tip with tandoori masala or curry powder or South East Asian with miso, tahini and sriracha.

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Iced carrot cake

A fool proof carrot cake recipe by Master Chef Semi Finalist - Beth Thomas. The cake has the flexibility to use up wonky carrots and dried fruit and nuts available in your store cupboard.

It has a bold, aromatic taste that works really well with sweet carrots and orange zest. If you can’t get hold of cardamom powder, you can use ground cinnamon or allspice instead. Condensed milk is an essential ingredient in halwa, and here it gives a lovely shine and gooey texture to the icing, which trickles beautifully down the sides of the cake.

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Funfetti tray bake

Some kids love school, some don’t. But we haven’t met one yet that doesn’t love school sprinkle cake. Try our simple plant based version at home for all of the flavour, but less of the GHGs from animal products.

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Banana and chocolate brownies

The good news is that these banana and chocolate brownies are seriously moreish. The better news is they are dead easy to make. The even better news is that the squidgier your bananas are - the better, so this is also a great food waste buster.

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Food savvy tip

If cooking every night isn’t your thang, then get to grips with cooking ahead of time.


Hungry for more?

We’ve raided our fridges and spoken to expert chefs to come up with ten totally delicious, super easy dinner recipes. All of our meal ideas have an environmental twist, so get your apron on and we’ll polish your green halo while you’re cooking.

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