Summer holidays are upon us. Your bags are packed, your out of office is ON, but is the fridge still half full? Cucumbers, cheese, a bag of leaves... don’t leave them home alone.    

In the UK, we throw away £½ billion worth of edible food when heading off on holiday each year, and £12 million worth of food ends up in the bin in the first week of the summer holiday alone. 

#TravellersCheck is here to help you save to food waste by adding three simple steps to your travel preparations.

1) Check in with your freezer

There are lots of foods that can be easily frozen so they're there to welcome you home after your holiday. Some good places to start are freezing milk, cheese, bread, eggs, vegetables and herbs, though there are lots more freezer friendly foods you can familiarise yourself with. And if you've often found yourself in a flummox about freezing? Don't worry. We’ve done some research to help debunk common freezer myths!

2) Check in with your neighbours

81% of us would be happy to receive food from a neighbour, so why not give your neighbours a farewell gift and avoid food waste at the same time? Sharing food is easier than you thought! Download our postcard to gift food to a neighbour.

Some foods can also be shared at a Community Fridge if you have one local to you.

3) Make a homecoming meal

For anything that won’t freeze up ice-ly, consider cooking yourself a homecoming meal. Try our favourite recipes for those odds and ends lurking in your fridge. 

Share your photo to win a Samsung fridge freezer

Hubbub has teamed up with Samsung to offer a fantastic fridge freezer as a prize for the best #TravellersCheck photo. To enter, simply make yourself a homecoming meal for the freezer or gift some surplus food in your community. Take a snap of your #TravellersCheck, follow @HelloHubbub on Instagram and share the picture. If you don’t use Instagram, no problem. Email your picture to [email protected]. Find the terms and conditions here.

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