#TravellersCheck your fridge and wave goodbye to holiday food waste

Going on holiday, but still have food in your fridge? You’re not flying solo. Each year in the UK £½ billion worth of perfectly edible food gets thrown away when people head off on holiday. 

#TravellersCheck sets out to help holiday goers wave goodbye to food waste by encouraging them to add 3 simples steps to their travel preparations; 1) freeze, 2) gift or 3) cook their leftovers before going away. In 2016 the pilot campaign reached more than 1 million people.

#TravellersCheck was the first of a series of seasonal food waste campaign run in partnership with Unilever as part of the Joint Ambition for a Zero Food Waste Britain. The campaign was supported by TalkMobile, Responsible Travel, Hampshire County Council and OLIO, the food-sharing app. 

1) Check in with your freezer

Going on holiday and in a flummox over freezing? Don't worry. Here are facts about freezing food everyone should know and a food items you probably thawed you couldn't freeze

2) Check in with your neighbours

81% of us would be happy to receive food from a neighbour, so why not give your neighbours a farewell gift and avoid food waste at the same time? Sharing food is easier than you thought! Download the free food-sharing app Olio to connect with your neighbours and local shops, or print this free postcard to let your neighbours know what you're leaving them. 


3) Make yourself a lunchbox, or cook and freeze a homecoming meal

Try our favourite recipes for those odds and ends lurking in your fridge. No time to cook? Don’t bin it, freeze or gift it.

4) Check in on your travels - bon voyage!

Now enjoy your holiday shenanigans, made all the more better with an empty fridge and happy neighbours.


#TravellersCheck was the first campaign for a Zero Food Waste Britain which outlines five principles to tackling food waste and has been developed by Unilever and Hubbub.

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