Swapping trash for treats to nudge people to dispose of litter the right way

In 2017, the Trashconverter toured the Forest of Dean swapping trash for treats as part of our Love Your Forest anti-litter campaign. It visited primary and secondary schools, community events and litter hotspots around the forest, encouraging people to keep the Forest of Dean clean and take their litter home.

The Trashconverter was first trialled in a vintage van, before it made a more permanent home in a beautiful custom-made horse box.

The difference made

The Trashconverter has had 5,323 visitors who've swapped their litter for a treat, and 185 bags of recycling and general waste have been collected.

Read the full Love Your Forest impact report below or browse the 2016 Impact Report.

How can you get involved?

Make sure to take your rubbish with you when you're out in nature! Check out our litter-free picnic inspiration guide. 

If you would like to find out more about #LoveYourForest please visit the Love Your Forest campaign page or email Rhiannon at [email protected]

The Trashconverter Van is part of the Love Your Forest anti-littering campaign created in partnership with Lucozade Ribena Suntory and The Forest of Dean District Council.

It is supported by the Foresters ForestThe Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism Association and the Forestry Commission.

Photography by Paul Box