Each year 150,000 revellers descend on a sleepy town in Somerset for Glastonbury Festival, the big kick off to the U.K festival season. While the mainstay of a British festival is connecting with nature (getting rained on) and building community (helping drunk people out of mud) they can have a pretty big impact on the space around them.

Our resident vlogger Sarah is one of the happy number getting her wellies and tent ready for Glasto so she’s put together her 6 top tips for going green this festival season.

1) Pack creatively

Make more room for wine by not bringing along loads of stuff you don’t need and will probably leave behind. Embrace the festival spirit and see what you can share with your new camping pals, you’re about to become best friends with 150,000 people so you won’t go without.

2) Bring reusables

As well as creating less rubbish whilst you’re on site, you will be a glorified hero if you whip out a flask of coffee during a drizzly Sunday afternoon set.

3) Magic Bus

How you get there is a massive part of the emissions from a festival, so ditch the car park queues and jump on the bus.

4) Hold onto your butts

Most UK festivals happen in big green open spaces and Glastonbury is a working farm so grab yourself a portable ashtray or hold onto your butts until you're out of the crowd. The cows will thank you.

5) Go exploring

Most festivals have some really cool green policies and installations and spaces and stalls, a few years ago at Glastonbury there was a No Plan B Greenpeace rocket THAT WAS ALSO A SLIDE. Have a nose around and see what there is to discover.

6) Pack up

In Glasto 2015 11 tonnes of festival gear got left behind and most of that would have gone straight to landfill. If you can it’s great to spend a little bit more on equipment that will go the distance and you’ll want to use again but whatever happens clean up your campsite like it’s your Mum’s living room after a party you weren’t allowed to throw.