Ain’t no party like a pride party. Getting the gang together for a party or predrinks this year? Check out our top tips to make sure that the party goes off, tastebuds are tickled and you do your bit for the planet at the same time.

Amuse everybody’s bouche!

Keep those snacks coming during the party. A great way to do your bit for the planet is to make sure you use all the food you buy. If you’re partying all weekend long, you might have some chips/fries left from your Friday night takeaway… bring them back to life and give your friends (or just yourself) a treat.

spicy leftover fries

Batch, please!

Your friends have come to see you, so make sure you don’t spend the whole of your party slaving over a hot stove. So, batch please, cook the day before, and spend your time chatting, dancing and partying!

Batch, please! 10 tips to help make meal prep easy 

Top five recipes for a batch cook

Taste the rainbow

If you’re looking for meals, snacks and sweets that give your party a pop of colour, look no further. Impress your friends with this collection of colourful rainbow themed recipes. From simple fruit skewers to rainbow confetti cakes and cookies, they're perfect for sharing the love.

Pride month recipes

Love cocktails?

There’s no need to spend a fortune out when you can create winning mocktails or tasty cocktails at home. Take a look at what drinks have been left behind from a previous get together and whip up cheaper drinks for everybody. Our syrup recipes are perfect for creating low or no booze alternatives and our zero waste cocktail ideas add an interesting twist and pack their own punch.

Rainbow cocktail syrups 

Zero Waste cocktail ideas

Dress to impress

It’s your party so naturally you’re wanting to look your best, for our top tips on how to dress to impress without it costing the planet (or your pocket). Check out our top pride eco fashion tips.

Eco fashion tips