Tackling night time litter by swapping people's rubbish for things they may need on a night out.

Littering a night is a messy issue, especially fast food packaging and drinks bottles. We worked with creative minds at the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and Lucozade Ribena Suntory to design a way of tackling this issue. After putting ourselves in the mindset of people on a night out - we came up with... The Naked Binmen Trashconverters.

Actors dressed as Naked Binmen headed out to the streets and converted people's trash for gifts, or things they may need on a night out. Gifts included things like chewing gum, water, plasters, flip flops and heat blankets. See how it went:

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This intervention was part of our wider Neat Streets campaign. If you're interested in replicating any of the Neat Streets interventions, click here.