The Lanc West Grows Best Growing Programme is a free 8-week course designed to help residents of the Lancaster West Estate and locals of the North Kensington area gain gardening training, experience and confidence to volunteer in community gardens.  

The course starts on Friday 8th April at 10am, and continues for 8 weeks. Workshops begin at 10am or 11am every Friday until 27th May (except for the Easter Bank Holiday which is on Thursday 14th April).

Teaching is 1-2 hours followed by 1-2 hours of practical – that's 3 hours of your time per week unless you choose to volunteer for extra gardening! 

You will learn about: 

  • Gardening tools 
  • Soil health 
  • Identifying plants 
  • Seasonal planting 
  • The importance of Mushrooms
  • Garden biodiversity including pollinators  
  • Garden furniture and sustainable wood
  • Composting and wormeries 
  • Harvesting and propagating 
  • Seed saving and seed swapping 
  • Sustainable principles  

There will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty in the green spaces of LancWest and set up the new community garden! 

People who take part will get a certificate of participation. If you are interested to join this growing course, please fill in this form to register. We will get back to you with more information about the course. The first ten people on the course will win copies of Gardening with Drought Friendly Plants


This Growing Course is supported and delivered by Hubbub and Kasuma Trust, RBKC & RA, Bees and Refugees, A Plant for Every Home, Goldfinger Design, The Urban Worm, The Tree Council, Grenfell Shrooms Project, London Freedom Seedbank

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