How can we inspire more people across the UK to cook more of their food from scratch?

We’ve teamed up with The Flavourists to equip people with the cooking skills they need to make more delicious food at home.   


4 in 10 people have told us that in 2022 they are going to have to reduce how much they spend on food to be able to afford their bills*. 

At the same time as rising energy and food costs, people are also becoming busier meaning takeaways and convenience foods are on the rise, with home cooking sometimes taking a backseat. Cooking more of our meals from scratch helps budgets to go further, reduces food waste – and is usually better for our health (hello veg, pulses and wholegrains)! Plus, often means less packaging than say a ready meal. Win, win, win.   

So, we’re on a mission to help people to skill up in the kitchen, cook more delicious food, save money and reduce food waste whilst they’re at it.  

Hungry to find out more? Read on. 

How will we do it? 

4 in every 10 people have told us in recent polling that the rising cost of food is encouraging them to be more creative with using leftovers and making meals go further.*  

We plan to channel this creativity and start a cooking revolution! Using funding to continue to build on Hubbub’s community food movement including our record of investing in and supporting people to set up Community Fridges and Kitchens 

We’re currently piloting family cooking skills sessions at the Old Bath House in Milton Keynes in their Community Kitchen. We’re bringing families together to learn essential cooking skills that will last a lifetime. Learning from this pilot will help shape future activities we deliver. 

*Food Savvy Polling carried out in March 2022, find out more here.