A regular toilet flush uses about 13 litres of water per flush (even more for older toilets) making toilets account for almost a third of water use in the home. Saving a flush for the next person, especially in the night or in the morning is a wee-nner when it comes to saving water.

1) Use a dual flush

A dual flush is a toilet with two different sized buttons to flush from. The bigger the button the more water is flushed so always use the smaller button when doing number one and save the large button for number two’s.

2) Stay single

If you have a single flush toilet, order a free “Save a Flush” bag from your water supplier and save 1.2 litres per flush. Not convinced? Just roll with it.

3) Spot a leaky loo

Keep a look out for a leaky loo with a leaky loo strip, free from most water suppliers. If you’re with Affinity Water you can order one here. An easy way to check if your toilet has a slow leak, is to add a few drops of food colouring to your toilet cistern. Don't flush the toilet for at least one hour. If the food colouring shows up in the toilet bowl after an hour, then you've got a leak. If you need to find an approved plumber, you can visit www.watersafe.org.uk.

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