Some like it hot, some like it steamy, some like it long, and some would rather have it over with right away. How long we spend in the shower (and what we do while in there) varies a lot, yet long showers takes time, dries out your skin, and if you’re on a meter, costs you money too.

1) Use a timer

Ready, steady, shower. A shower timer is a great way to keep track of how long you spend in the shower. Why not make a game out of it and challenge each other to have the shortest showers? Our favourite is the KLOCKIS timer from IKEA, or order a free one from your water supplier. Try and aim for the recommended four minute shower and see how close you can get. Every minute counts. 

2) Get a (free) shower head

Whereas a standard shower uses about 30 litres per five minute shower, a power shower splashes away 60 - 100 litres per shower – that’s more than a bath. Changing your shower head to a water saving one is a no-effort way to save water. Most water suppliers offer free ones. If you’re with Affinity Water you can order one here.

3) Try waterless hair washes

Showering can dry out your skin and hair, especially when they’re long and warm. Avoid dryness, and the itchiness that comes along with it, by shortening your showers and switching some hair washes to dry shampoos instead. You can still reach those high notes while spraying. We like this dry shampoo from LUSH.

4) Use cold shower water to water plants

National polling found that we run the shower for almost a minute before getting in, using the time toclean their teeth, shave or go to the toilet. 7%of people even run the shower for three minutes or longer before getting in - doingexercisesor making a cuppa while the water is running. 

We know that no one likes getting into a cold shower. But try to stay focused. If you have to wait ages for the shower to heat up, try collecting the water in a bowl and use it to water your plants. Your garden and your water bills will thank you for it.

How long do you shower for? Are you in there long enough to sing more than one song?

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