Once a week or only when you’re in the mood? How often do you load up the laundry? Laundry accounts for about 15% of water use in the home, with modern washing machines using around 50 litres of water per load. Yet, we’re probably running more loads then necessary. A typical load of laundry is usually much less than the maximum capacity of the model, so make sure to stuff in a couple of shirts with your next load.

1) Let it all hang out

Hanging up your clothes right after you take them off is a good way to reduce the number of loads you have to do. Make a habit of separating clean clothes from worn once but fine to wear again clothing to avoid contamination.

2) Get fresh

For a quick fix, use a clothes freshener between washes.

3) Do full loads

Wait until you have a full load before doing the laundry. Full means filling about 3/4 of the drum. Full loads use less water and energy than two half loads. Be careful not to fill it too much to make sure your clothes clean properly.

4) Care

Caring for your clothes makes them last longer and saves you money in the long run. Become a clothes carer with these top tips.

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