Despite its rainy reputation, the South East of England receives a lot less rain than you might think – around the same as Melbourne, Australia. Each of us uses around 150 litres of water every day on washing, cleaning and cooking, yet 2 in 3 of us don't think we can use less water.

It's time for a #TapChat about daily water habits. Whatever your lifestyle there are lots of simple things you can do to save water, most will save you time and even money if you’re on a water meter. 

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3) Dive into some #TapChat tips

Click on an icon below for more tips for showering, teeth cleaning, toilet flushes, laundry and dishwashing.

Autumn is here, and winter is just around the corner. Check out our top tips for preparing your home from frozen pipes.


Shorten your shower. Aim for 4 minutes per day. That’s enough time for a run through Rihanna’s “Under my Umbrella”.


Turn the tap off. Shutting the tap off when cleaning your teeth will save 6 litres per minute. That’s something to smile about.


Use the dual flush. We don't want to spell this out for you, but the little button is for liquid, and the large button is for everything else.


Wait until you have a full load before doing the laundry. Two half loads use more water and energy than one full, so don’t be fooled.


Use a bowl.  Washing-up with a bowl or filling the basin uses 60% less water than leaving the tap running.

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#TapChat is a water saving campaign in partnership with Affinity Water and SES Water.