World Book Day is a huge annual celebration of books and reading encouraging children all around the world to share stories and get stuck into a really good book. Everyone's favourite part of World Book Day is getting to come into school dressed as your favourite character, the halls lined with Hermiones, Peter Pans and Hobbits.

While most costumes can be rustled up out of a little imagination and sellotape, year on year we’re seeing a huge increase in the number of costumes available to buy from big retailers. Tesco alone has 180 different designs to choose from some costing over £20. While picking up a costume from the supermarket can be a serious help for time-strapped parents it’s difficult not to see correlations with other holidays, like Halloween, which sees 7 million costumes thrown in the bin along with the fake cobwebs.

Textile waste is a massive problem in the UK with 300,000 tonnes a year of used clothes going to landfill (WRAP) every year. Hubbub have been helping people across the UK battle Halloween textile waste with Sew Spooky and reinventing the festive knitwear craze with DIY Christmas jumpers, with the increase in costumes on sale for World Book Day this seems like a natural follow on. So we’ve compiled some of our favourite super-easy DIY World Book Day costumes to celebrate the nation's best-loved characters and reduce costume waste along the way. If you make any, let us know how you get on!

Source: Pinterest

Tintin (complete with cardboard cut out snowy)

To bring Herge’s beloved kid detective to life all you need is a white shirt, a blue jumper, some hair gel to create his signature quiff and trusty snowy.

If you don’t have a cuddly dog that will play the part then you can make your own! Back this picture of snowy onto cardboard to make the perfect 2D detective sidekick.

Here's a great example from Pinterest (see image on right).


We love this version of Matilda found on Pintrest, the fake newt in water is a brilliant finishing touch and you should be able make the costume with clothes you already have at home and a red headband or ribbon!

(Image from umeandthekids/Pinterest).

Mr Twit

One from our very own Saskia, a brilliant homemade Mr Twit outfit. All it took to make was:

  • A wig from the bargain bucket at the local party store- all messed up, which is perfect for this look
  • Homemade beard accessories from cut-up cardboard and painted: the homemade fish skeleton, worms and birds feet tangled into the wig add that extra touch.
  • An old corduroy jacket.
  • A cushion in a cloth bag tied around the neck so it doesn’t fall down, secured with belt.

Harry Potter

You won’t have to travel to Diagon Alley for your kids to look the part this World Book Day. Follow this easy and super cheap tutorial from My Mommy Style, for turning big t-shirts into wizards robes and see the magic come to life. (Image from My Mommy Style).

Have we missed your kids’ favourite fictional character? Tweet us pictures of your World Book Day creations!