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At Hubbub, we believe that to create positive environmental change and a more just society at the scale and speed needed, we need to get everyone on board. We’d love your support in bringing our Greenprint vision for a fairer, more sustainable UK to life. Change is entirely possible.


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We are pleased to support the policy proposals outlined in Greenprint for a Better Britain. The recommendations to make the switch to electric vehicles and creating community cycling hubs, changing the way we use roof space, supporting small British textile businesses and introducing a Single-Use Clothes Levy are changes which will make a considerable difference in moving towards a sustainable future for the UK and are activities that we are already progressing with our supply chains.

Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

As we are all spending increased time at home right now, it is more important than ever to be aware of the amount of water we use. Treating and distributing water takes large amounts of energy, with even more needed in the home to heat water for baths and showers. This in turn all adds to carbon emissions, with around 6 per cent of UK emissions linked to water use. Furthermore, if we all use a little bit less, we’ll help protect our rivers and chalk streams, which we rely upon for our water supplies. This is why we are proud to be supporting Hubbub’s Greenprint for a Better Britain, which will help bring sustainable living into sharper focus.

Alison Murphy, Water Strategy Manager for SES Water

At McDonald’s we are committed to tackling litter and to help increase recycling in the communities we serve. We were proud to partner with Hubbub in their Leeds by Example campaign which demonstrated the impact that clearly-marked recycling facilities can have in reducing littering in public spaces and increasing recycling on-the-go. Adopting this policy would help make sure our green spaces stay clean and litter-free.

Helen McFarlane, Restaurant Sustainability, Mcdonald’s

The global pandemic has radically and rapidly changed the way many of us live our daily lives, but we also have the opportunity to make 2020 a positive turning point towards a greener Britain. That is why the Environmental Services Association supports the policy asks set out in Hubbub’s Greenprint for a Better Britain which, if adopted, will foster a greater sense of community and help us all to live, travel, eat and dress more sustainably.

Jacob Hayler, Executive Director of the Environmental Services Association (ESA)

We need to be more ambitious as a society when it comes to sustainability which is why we welcome Hubbub’s Greenprint for a Better Britain. Despite the uncertain economic landscape, Suntory Beverage Food remains committed to our target of delivering 100% sustainable packaging by 2030 so support policies that will help us to realise our ambition. As our work with Hubbub in the Forest of Dean has illustrated, having availability, and the right type of litter and recycling facilities is a vital contributor to delivering a circular economy.

Michelle Norman, Director of Sustainability, SBF GB&I

Coca-Cola GB supports Hubbub’s call for the creation of national standards and guidance for all local authorities to provide well-marked litter and recycling facilities in parks, green spaces and public realm. For several years we have been proud supporters of Hubbub’s litter and recycling on the go campaigns which demonstrate the impact that clear and consistent communications can have on litter and recycling behaviours. We believe that this, in support of a well-designed Deposit Return System, would significantly improve litter and recycling rates in England.

Liz Lowe, Head of Sustainability, Coca-Cola

Tackling dangerous climate change is the challenge of our age. I welcome the Greenprint plan and wish its ideas every success. We all have a part to play in making change happen.

Rt Hon Hilary Benn, MP 

I am 100% behind the Greenprint.  There has never been a better time to re-organise ourselves individually, collectively and as a society to seriously address the climate crisis.  We must realise the opportunity to create jobs and a better quality of life for everyone, whilst giving ourselves a sustainable future.  The Greenprint asks the right questions and focusses on the places we can really make a difference.

Lord Knight of Weymouth 

Hubbub have been helping leading companies to increase their contribution to the fight against climate change and this manifesto contains a series of thought-provoking ideas about how we can go further. Even if you disagree with some of the proposals, they are an important contribution to the debate about how we can best make progress towards the net zero goal. 

David Johnston OBE, MP