Wow, looking great! If looking and living clean is important to you, then here are some top tips for using less water without cramping your style.


So long, hot showers are important to you? We get it. Still, it's worth seeing if you can shorten your shower by just a minute or two. Not only will you have more time to get ready and pick an outfit, you'll save water too. 

There are loads of water-saving shower heads available that uses less water than standard heads, without effecting the pressure. Check with your water supplier if they offer free shower heads. 


Feel the need to wash clothes after each wear? You're not the only one. Many people wash clothes just for that clean smell, even if they aren't dirty. To save time and water, try hanging up your clothes as soon as you take them off and air them out overnight. Use your sense to see if a wash really is necessary, or if they have another wear in them. If you're missing the clean smell, give your clothes a whiff with a clothes freshener -  fresh smell with no water. 


Did you know that using a dishwasher can use less water and be more hygienic than doing dishes by hand? Of course you did. Always stack the dishwasher full to get the maximum out of each wash. Know your machine? Experiment with different settings to find one that works for you. Most modern machines have an eco setting which uses less water and time - leaving your  dishes super clean, for less. 

Teeth cleaning

Leaving the tap on when brushing your teeth does nothing for your smile, yet splashes away 6 litres a minute. 

Try using a cup to brush your teeth. A stylish cup will brighten up your bathroom and help you stay on top of how much water you use too. 


Flushing less might not be your thing, but did you know that almost a third of water in the home goes down the toilet? If you have a dual flush toilet use the little button for liquids, and the big button for everything else. If you have a single-flush toilet order a save-a-flush bag from your water supplier. This reduces the amount of water per flush with 1.2 litres with no effort on your part.

Install water saving gadgets

There are loads of great gadgets out there that can help you use less water while maintaining a super clean lifestyle. 

Invest in a stylish washing-up bowl or shower timer from IKEA, or contact your water supplier to see what they can offer for free.  


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