Dried pasta and rice have been flying off the supermarket shelves. Get to grips with other store cupboard heroes that will add a burst of flavour to your meals and leave you feeling full.

1) Lentils 

Carry flavour and are a great meat replacement. Whether you prefer green, puy or red lentils, try substituting for half of the beef in a bolognese.

2) Frozen veg 

Frozen veg is picked and frozen at peak ripeness and peak nutritional levels. Helpfully, they are usually prepped so they can go straight into your pan without stopping for a chop. Frozen peas are perfect in this minted pea and potato cake. Blanching and freezing many fresh vegetables is a good way to preserve them.

3) Frozen herbs

Freeze from fresh or buy frozen herbs such as parsley or coriander. Simply snap off a portion and add to dishes for a burst of aromatic flavour.

4) Dried spices 

Curry powder, turmeric, garam masala, paprika, chilli and cumin can add a crucial hit of flavour. You’ll be amazed at how they can liven up the most basic dish.

5) Oats

Last for ages, and porridge makes for a hearty breakfast. We like ours with some jam or frozen berries. Milk running low? Try this easy oat milk to go with your morning coffee. Make a little extra to save for these tasty porridge fritters.

6) Jars of capers, anchovies and gherkins

Got them knocking around your cupboards? These briny beauties are a great way to season your food. Whether it be capers and anchovies cutting through pasta or panzanella, or gherkins chucked into your mac and cheese.

7) Sauces 

Whether you reach for sriracha, soy or Worcester. A dash will take your dish to perfection, from scrambled eggs to cheesy toast.

8) Tinned beans 

Like lentils they are packed with protein and fibre, they will keep you fuller for longer and carry flavour with an amazing texture. Try this three bean Mexican chilli. Don’t fret if you don’t have three types of beans. It’s the flavour that counts.

9) Dried or vac packed noodles

Make a five-minute meal with soy sauce, spring onions and whatever ends of veg you have available. Or try this warming Polish mushroom soup with noodles and dried mushrooms.

10) Sesame or pumpkin seeds

cheaper than nuts and just as tasty and nourishing sprinkled over risottos, pastas, salads or anything really. A little crunch for your lunch.