Exploring how people can eat and live more sustainably

Changing how we eat is one of the simplest actions we can take to reduce our environmental impact. From eating everything we buy, to choosing less and better meat there’s a chance for change at every meal.

About the pilot challenge

In 2021 Hubbub and Marks & Spencer (M&S) teamed up to help M&S customers and colleagues adopt healthy, pocket friendly diets and lifestyle choices, that are also good for the environment. Participants took part in challenges and competitions that put fun and flavour in the spotlight as they made simple changes.

What’s happening now

Sparking Change is a collaboration between M&S and Hubbub, helping M&S customers to live healthier and more sustainable lives. The Sparking Change: National Challenge which launched in January 2022, is inviting M&S' 14 million Sparks customers to reduce their food waste and eat less meat and more plant-based foods. During the two month challenge, customers will be inspired with delicious recipes and receive tips and advice. They will then be challenged to eat better for the environment, with the chance to win big prizes.

Sparking Change will run for two months. It’ll start with Protein from Plants, providing recipes, tips and inspiration to help people to double the plants in their diet and eat less and better meat and dairy. Then, it’s all about More Taste, Less Waste, helping people save money on their grocery shopping and reducing their food waste.


The difference to date

The Sparking Change pilot in 2021 helped participants to make some big changes in the kitchen and beyond. Three months after the final challenge, we asked them which new habits they had kept.

“During the challenge I was concerned when we started to make the vegetable curry whether it would be substantial enough, but it really was. I started to feel the health benefits and think I even lost some weight. We now plan to eat less meat and more plant-based food going forward. It’s not for the challenge now. It’s for me and my family.” - Damien Cutting and his family lives in Sale. 

 “My wife, son and I are now cooking and eating together. My son now asks what we’re cooking for tea, not just what we’re having for tea. He loves to bake with me, we’ve made everything from hot cross buns to gingerbread. I used to just be his dad, but now I’m his friend as well.” -  Tony Hughes lives in Rochdale with his wife and son.

What we’ve learnt so far

  1. People are looking for positive, expert-led sources of information to support them in maintaining sustainable diets.
  2. Recipes and cooking tips really helped motivate participants to try something new and be more creative in the kitchen
  3. People want to see more delicious plant-based products on the shelves.

Want to know more?

Read the report to find out more, including how M&S are responding to this insight and learning. 


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