A 'Greenprint' for a better Britain

Hubbub's vision for a fairer, more sustainable UK led by public opinion and supported by businesses.

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In partnership with businesses, local authorities, and charities, Hubbub is proposing to use this unique chance to change things for the better, deliver a green recovery, and level up communities across the country.    

This Greenprint is a manifesto showing how we can bounce back and move forwards by making clear, practical changes to the ways we live. We are proposing to:  

  • Change the way we live by creating greener homes and connecting our communities.  

  • Change the way we eat by introducing a mandatory reporting on food waste by major food companies and creating ‘community food hubs’ in the UK’s most food-insecure areas.   

  • Change the way we travel by helping consumers make the switch to electric vehicles and creating ‘community cycling hubs’.   

  • Change the way we use space by leaving no roof unused and ensuring people can access on-the-go recycling in green spaces.  

  • Change the way we dress and shop by supporting small British textile innovators and introducing a Single-Use Clothes Levy. 

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