Want a change from sandwiches for lunch? This quick pizza alternative is great for getting creative with leftovers. It can also be made sweet with things like jam, chocolate spread, nuts and seeds, etc.


  • 1 packet puff pastry – ready to roll or ready rolled
  • Something to spread: Passata, pesto, tapenade, anchovy paste, tuna mayonnaise, marmite etc
  • Something to sprinkle: Chopped veggies (eg. peppers, sweetcorn), antipasti (eg sundried tomatoes, olives), meat (eg. ham, prosciutto)
  • Something to grate: cheese of your choice – parmesan, cheddar or dairy-free


  1. Grate your cheese and chop your toppings to sprinkle
  2. Roll out the pastry into a large rectangle
  3. Cover the pastry with your spread, leaving a 1cm gap around the edge for crust.
  4. Cover with cheese and your toppings
  5. Carefully roll up, making it as tight as possible and leaving it seam side down so it can’t unroll.
  6. Use a sharp knife to cut slices (keep them thin as the pastry will puff up in the oven)
  7. Lay each slice out on a baking tray so you can see the swirl pattern
  8. Bake at 200C/ 180F/gas 6 for about 12-15 mins until golden

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This recipe was shared by Nicole from The Kids Kitchen. 

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